Facebook hides pages sharing false information
Facebook hides pages sharing false information

The Facebook platform is now ready to edit pages that often contain incorrect information.

The company adds a new tag to your favorites that says, "This page often contains misleading information."

The company will require certified fact checkers to link the hidden posts with more information in a popup.

She added that it also provided a way for people to know when to interact with fact-checkers' rated content.

Facebook did not provide any criteria for determining the "frequency" of sharing false information.

Facebook penalizes personal accounts:

Facebook also uses unblocking restrictions to penalize individual accounts that constantly transmit incorrect information.

This means that you will see their posts in news sources at a lower rate.

While individual Facebook users were previously exempt from this censorship, Instagram users were not.

However, misinformation about the vaccine is spread through photo-sharing apps. No matter how complex the Facebook system is, Facebook is too big to look at.

The company wrote in the press release: Starting today, if someone repeatedly shares content rated by one of our news review partners, we will reduce the distribution of all news feed posts through that person's Facebook account.

Although posts that were found to be incorrect have been returned to the newsfeed, users who regularly share incorrect information will now be rejected from all content.

Facebook has also redesigned its notifications, exposing misinformation.

It enables people to better understand synthesized information and now includes links to detailed information carefully retrieved to correct detailed information through fact-checking program.

Facebook said earlier this year that it closed 1.3 billion fake accounts between October and December.

Facebook has also announced that it will not remove any messages claiming that the coronavirus was made in the laboratory.

The company said the measure was taken after consulting public health experts.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden asked the country's intelligence services to intensify their efforts to uncover the source of the Corona virus and submit a report within 90 days.

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