Facebook is exposed to a campaign waged by pro-Palestinian activists
Facebook is exposed to a campaign waged by pro-Palestinian activists

Pro-Palestinian activists launch a coordinated campaign to reduce comments on the Facebook app to protest corporate censorship of Palestinian accounts and positions.

The event will be shared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and will encourage people to rate Facebook with a star on Google and Apple's app stores.

This strategy appears to be working as the average social media rating has dropped from 5 points on the Apple App Store to 2.3 points and from 2.4 points from 5 to 2.4 points on the Google Play Store last week, which is a number. Thousands of 1 star reviews.

Many of the comments contain comments related to Facebook's removal of Palestinian voices and hashtags, such as: B- # Free Palestine or Attack Gaza Andra.

Facebook's internal activities have a high reputation and are rated SEV1, which stands for "Severity 1". This description is used internally when there is a major problem with the website.

SEV1 is the second highest priority event after SEV0 and is used when a website is closed.

"With the recent update between Israel and Palestine, user confidence is dropping sharply," a prominent software developer said in a post on Facebook's internal billboard.

He added: Users are not satisfied with how this situation is handled. They felt censorship, restrictions and silence. As a result, users started protesting, leaving a 1-star rating.

According to the leaked images of internal discussions, Facebook reached out to the App Store and asked if this would remove the negative comments.

A Facebook employee said Apple turned it down. Apple employees have contacted Apple's Developer Relations team regarding this issue.

Over the years, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have been accused of monitoring Palestinian voices by removing pro-Palestinian posts and accounts.

Access Now, a digital rights non-profit organization, recorded numerous examples in a series of tweets on Twitter, including restrictive hashtags on Instagram referring to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the place where previous conflicts between the Israeli police and Palestinian faithful occurred. Twitter has restricted the account of Palestinian-American writer Maryam Al-Barghouti.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone (Andy Stone) said in a statement: Our policy is to keep our apps safe while giving feedback to everyone, regardless of who posted the message or that we all have these guidelines based on their personal beliefs.

He added: We have a specialized team that includes Arabic and Hebrew speakers that closely monitors the local situation, ensures that harmful content is removed and application errors are fixed as quickly as possible.

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