Facebook uses iOS notifications to convince you to continue
Facebook uses iOS notifications to convince you to continue

Facebook continues to crack down on Apple's iOS 14 privacy update, adding a notification to its iOS app to inform users that information collected by other apps and websites can help make the platform free to use.

I saw similar news on the Instagram app on iOS because Facebook is the parent company of Instagram.

Dan Levy, vice president of advertising and business products at Facebook, said the company qualifies notifications as educational displays and provides more detailed information on how the data is used for personalized ads.

The notice states: For this version of iOS, we need to request permission to track certain data from these devices in order to improve your ads. If you do not enable this option on this device, learn how to restrict the use of this information.

He added: We use information about your activity from other apps and websites to serve you with more personalized ads, keep Facebook free to use, and help ad-dependent companies to attract customers.

The new subscription to the latest version of iOS 14 (including iOS 14.5) requires developers to obtain explicit consent from the device owner to allow IDFA sharing and capture between different apps.

According to Apple's new policy, app developers can use other information that users provide for targeted advertising even if users don't allow apps to track it. However, this information cannot be shared with other ad tracking companies.

If the developer attempts to bypass the subscription requirements or replace the IDFA with other credentials (such as an email address), the app will be considered a violation of the subscription requirements. The rules also apply to Apple's own apps. .

Facebook has harshly criticized the iOS 14 privacy updates, arguing that privacy changes can harm small businesses that can rely on their ad network to attract customers.

In a statement published for press and newspaper announcements, Facebook said: Apple is promoting new business models for apps by reducing reliance on ads and subscriptions, which could lead to a decline in Apple.

However, the strategy for maintaining free access to Facebook and Instagram appears to conflict with the company's motto that the service is always free and free.

The company removed the logo from its homepage in 2019, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) did not exclude the paid version from the platform when he testified before Congress in 2018, indicating that there will always be a free version. Facebook version.

Zuckerberg hit Apple in January, calling it one of Facebook's biggest competitors.

Apple has many incentives to leverage its platform to disrupt the way we and other apps operate, Zuckerberg said. Apple does this a lot to promote its own apps, which have affected hundreds of apps around the world. Thousands of businesses grow, including upcoming changes in iOS 14

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