SpaceX is bringing back astronauts from the International Space Station
SpaceX is bringing back astronauts from the International Space Station

Last November, four astronauts returned from the International Space Station in a SpaceX capsule called "Crew Dragon" and landed in the Gulf of Mexico for about six months. They were part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. Future operational units

Astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Soishi Noguchi boarded the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and left the space station on time for a six-hour flight to the United States.

NASA said the crew fell off the coast of Panama City, Florida, in the first night landing of a US manned spacecraft since the Apollo 8 crashed in the Pacific Ocean in December 1968.

SpaceX Mission Control announced to the crew in the fall: On behalf of NASA and SpaceX, we welcome the "Crew Dragon" capsule back to Earth.

An infrared camera can see the night landing of the Crew Dragon capsule in the Gulf of Mexico in real time.

The speedy rescue boat went to the space capsule immediately after the fall to ensure that the crew's kite parachute would be lost when the crew landed as planned so that the space capsule did not turn upside down in the water.

Shortly thereafter, a SpaceX rescue ship arrived and raised the crew to the platform with a crane.

The four astronauts exited the capsule with the help of medical staff, then returned to the shore on a NASA plane and returned to the space agency headquarters in Houston, Texas.

In November, the astronaut took off from Florida and stayed on the space station for 167 days. The space station is a science laboratory that orbits the Earth at an altitude of 250 miles from the Earth's surface, and has been the home of international astronauts for more than two decades.

The astronaut's return date was originally scheduled for April 28 (Wednesday), but the flight has been delayed due to high winds.

After SpaceX's first manned mission, Demo-2, in May 2020, the Crew Dragon spacecraft named Resilience was the second manned spacecraft that SpaceX launched.

Flexibility is the longest time the US spaceship has been in contact with the International Space Station. This broke the record and surpassed the 84 days recorded by Skylab 4 crew in 1974.

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