Google can control Stadia games on TV using mobile phone
Google can control Stadia games on TV using mobile phone

There is currently only one official way to override 4K TV. Chromecast Ultra runs Google's Stadia game streaming service, and Chromecast Ultra connects to the company's Stadia console over a wireless network.

Gamers are suffering, Google hasn't brought Stadia to the new and improved Chromecast yet, Google Chromecast with Google TV, and the previous version doesn't support Bluetooth. This means that the console can only be paired by contacting Google. Cloud server.

According to a new report, the search giant now has a workaround that shows that in the latest version of the Stadia app, a new "bridge mode" has been hidden on Android. This feature should allow you to have the website send joystick signals to your phone.

This allows you to use your phone's touch screen to operate the Stadia, or even connect another gamepad to your phone, or use your phone to change the TV's volume.

Since Stadia launched on November 19, 2019, the original Stadia console has been a problem for the company. So it should come as no surprise that Google chooses to continue adopting the solution.

It took buyers several months to use Google's wireless joystick with their Chromecast Ultra Wireless because it didn't initially support desktop web browsers and Android phones, so they had to plug in a USB cable. -against.

Support for third-party gamepads on other platforms is pretty solid, so you can easily sync up your PlayStation or Xbox gamepads.

You don't even need the new "Bridge Mode" to play Stadia on Google TVs compatible with Google Chromecast 2020 as it supports Bluetooth controllers.

Google's interest in stadiums is unclear, especially after the closure of all indoor game studios in February.

Since then, the platform has also lost the product owner and at least six additional employees, as well as internal issues.

Of course, to get access to Stadia, each game must pay the publisher tens of millions of dollars.

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