Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10 and Linux
Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10 and Linux

Google Chrome browser users have had problems with Windows 10 in the past few days, and the search giant quickly provided a solution as odd as it fixed the error.

Today, a lot of people rely on the web, and web browsers have become an important part of software on all platforms. As a result, when these programs fail, the internet is filled with complaints and calls for clarification.

The crash occurred on browser version 90.0.4430.212 and affected some of its users.

The above version of the browser was released on May 10th, and until recently there were reports that it might not function properly.

Outside of Google, no one knows how many user errors have caused the Google Chrome browser to suddenly and randomly crash.

In addition to crashing the installed add-ons, the browser will stop loading pages including the settings page and experimental features of Google Chrome. This problem occurs during normal operation and after entering incognito mode.

Part of this behavior is due to Google's silent update that is always happening behind the scenes, while others are quick to target add-ons.

To fix this problem, the user started reinstalling the browser or deleting the user data folder. However, if the user does not save the folder or the browser does not sync with Google, it may lead to data loss.

Google did not explicitly state what happened, but did point it out, and Google could implicitly understand that these are Origin Trials, what Google calls a system of sporadic beta testing functions.

In a blog post detailing fixes made by the Google Chrome community, he urged Google Linux users to enter the Origin Trials directory to get their personal information and delete specific files.

This means that the issue affects Linux users as well, not just Windows 10 users as previously described.

Google released a small update to fix the crash. For affected Windows devices, do the following:

  •     Quit any open Google Chrome browser windows.
  •     Open the browser again.
  •     Leave the browser open for about 5 minutes.
  •     To solve this problem, quit and restart your browser after 5 minutes.

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