Google Chromecast is getting new features
Google Chromecast is getting new features

Google has started rolling out updates to the latest Chromecast devices which added the April 2021 security patch as well as some new features and bug fixes.

This update is 166MB and converts Chromecast with Google TV to QTS1.210311.005.

There is also a new update for the Chromecast audio remote, but it is unclear what new features have been added.

While many users expect the new Apple TV 4K for $ 179, the cheaper Chromecast has been updated at $ 49, adding useful features and security improvements.

In addition to the first security update for Chromecast since December 2020, Talk gives owners more precise control over video playback.

Corrective Instructions include advanced video control settings to achieve accurate HDR, resolution, refresh rate, and color coordination

Depending on the content the TV supports, various adjustments can be made to the appearance of movies and TV shows.

This update also improves HDMI connectivity, making Chromecast, along with Google TV, a better place to find the best settings for your screen.

With regard to the 5GHz frequency and mesh network, the wireless technology has also been improved indefinitely, the wireless performance has been improved further, while the issues of using bluetooth devices (such as headphones) in some Chromecasts have been improved at the same time. Dropped.

The Google TV Chromecast with HDMI-CEC function can allow the projector to communicate in both directions to the connected TV and has also undergone minor upgrades.

It can now be configured through Chromecast settings so that you can turn the TV on and off on your own without turning on the device.

Google has been improving its streaming devices over the past few months and recently received HDR10 + certification to help viewers better see content on the Google Play Store and other sites.

At the same time, the search giant is starting to support children's accounts via Chromecast with Google TV. This feature provides kids with a safe space with age appropriate content.

In addition to the recently launched Apple TV app for Chromecast for Google TV, Apple still offers relatively few original shows and movies, but it does offer the original Apple content library to more viewers.

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