Google makes it difficult to find privacy settings
Google makes it difficult to find privacy settings

Google executives and engineers have realized that the search giant is preventing smartphone users from keeping website information confidential.

The information is based on a lawsuit filed by an Arizona attorney general against the company last year.

The lawsuit accuses the company of illegally collecting location data from smartphone users, even after canceling subscriptions.

Even if users turn off various location sharing settings, the search giant continues to collect location data.

This makes general privacy settings difficult to find and forces phone manufacturers to hide those settings.

Jack Menzel, former vice president of Google Maps, admitted this.

He said: The only way to prevent Google from finding a user's home is for the person to intentionally set the home address as a random location on the Internet.

Jin Chai, Google's product manager for web services, doesn't know how the company's complex web settings affect each other.

Google hides the truth:

The judge ordered the disclosure of the documents, knowing that Google was using its legal resources to prevent it from reviewing data collection practices, which were in the public interest.

These documents explain how Google has banned its data collection technology, which is also confusing its users and employees.

Google uses a variety of methods to collect user location data, including unrelated wireless networks and third-party applications.

This forces users to share data to use apps or phones connected to wireless networks.

When I tested Android versions that made it easy to find privacy settings, users took advantage of these versions and Google thought it was a problem.

To solve this problem, the search giant then tried to deepen these parameters in the "parameters" list.

It is also trying to convince smartphone manufacturers to hide the settings by falsely saying that users are using these settings.

Google employees seem to realize that users are disappointed by the company's strong data collection practices, which can have a negative impact on their business.

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