Honda Civic gets better technology and improved handling
Honda Civic gets better technology and improved handling

Honda unveiled the eleventh version of its oldest model this week, which has been in service since early 1973. In addition to the new look, there are some clear technical differences with the 2022 Civic.

Another benefit of the revised model is changes in driver assistance technology, which will be standard equipment for all types of equipment from 2019.

The updated version of the new Honda Sensing model includes a camera with a larger field of view, better software and a more powerful processor.

According to Honda, this means the vehicle can recognize pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles faster and more accurately than previous systems that used a combination of cameras and radar.

The updated version of Honda Sensing can also read traffic lights and send their information directly to the driver on the dashboard.

The system uses eight sonar sensors to assist with the following functions: Controlling the throttle at low speed and preventing front and rear accidents.

It also improves adaptive cruise control with faster response and a more natural feel to track.

It is the first Honda to feature a redesigned new airbag designed to prevent harm to the driver or passenger in a head-on collision by better controlling head movements in the event of an accident.

The refurbishment project has also weakened the standard color touchscreens previously seen on Accord and other models. The LX, Sport, and EX models have 7-inch screens, while Touring models have 9-inch screens. Inch over dash.

The Touring is also equipped with a 10.2 '' LCD digital dashboard. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless are standard configurations along with a mobile phone charger and Bose audio system. 12 speakers.

In contrast, it was the second Honda car to support CarPlay or Android Auto when the 10th generation model was launched.

The McPherson front suspension features low-friction ball joints and front shock absorber bearings, which Honda says can improve steering feel and response.

The multi-link rear suspension can reduce vibrations and improve stability on straight lines and gear changes. Honda said it can reduce vibration by 20% when driving over bumps such as railroad junctions.

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