Indian police raid Twitter offices
Indian police raid Twitter offices

According to an India Express report, Indian police raided Twitter offices in Delhi and Gurgaon on Monday to investigate why tweets from the coronavirus tool were classified as media fraud.

A police officer told the newspaper: The police sent a notice on Twitter asking members of the ruling party to explain their names through tweets and search for information about the toolkit and why they want to use it. As a doctoral informant.

Twitter employees were reportedly outside the office when the raid took place and the raid took place on Monday evening, Indian Standard Time.

Journalist Aditya Raj Cole said on Twitter that Twitter workers in India are currently working remotely.

The Indian government posted a message on Twitter on Friday, two days after using the social media platform Media Day, which was tampered with by the ruling Indian Paradia Janata Party (BJP) via a tweet from Sampit Patra.

In an apparently deleted tweet, Patra said: The opposition Congress Party has used tools to undermine the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the government has asked Twitter to remove them. "

The BJP said Congress has created tools to harm Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but according to The Times of India, the version of the tool that the BJP shares is a fake version of the research notes on an independent project.

Alt News, an Indian fact-checking organization, found that images of so-called coronavirus tools posted on Twitter by Patra and others contained false information.

Twitter introduced a fake media policy in February that applies to media shared on its platform that suffers from large, tarnished or fake media.

A video or image modified to change its meaning or context can be classified, and improperly submitted content can be removed as actual content or content that harms public safety or causes serious harm according to the rules.

Twitter implemented this policy through several tweets from former US President Donald Trump and has since been banned from using the platform.

The Indian government is trying to strictly control the information on social media platforms related to the spread of the Coronavirus.

Last month, the government ordered Twitter to delete the tweets and urged Facebook and Instagram to remove posts critical of the treatment of the outbreak.

In March this year, the Indian government threatened to arrest Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter employees in the country if they fail to comply with their request to remove content related to peasant protests.

Ultimately, Twitter permanently blocked more than 500 accounts and deleted others across the country after the government reported a violation.

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