Messenger has a lot of new features
Messenger has a lot of new features

People depend on Messenger more than ever to keep in touch with friends and family. For this reason, Facebook has introduced a lot of new features and updates to help people feel better even when they are away.

According to Facebook, these new features can help you express yourself better, find what you need, and stay in touch.

Features include new Star Wars and Selena chat features that allow you to celebrate your favorite series and customize the conversation.

The company has also released a new Messenger Messenger Kids camera sticker to celebrate the diversity and influence of the people of the Asia-Pacific islands.

You can use any of the four messaging camera stickers to help promote important topics and raise awareness of key issues of concern to the Asia-Pacific community.

Children can explore the unique traditions, history, riches and cultural diversity of Asia and the Pacific Islands with a set of Messenger Messenger camera stickers.

Facebook has created an easy-to-use bookmark reference guide to help parents and children learn more about the culture of the Asia Pacific Islands community.

And if you like voicemail messages, Facebook can record with Messenger with just one click, making it easy to use hands-free.

Now, there is no need to hold down the microphone, as clicking the record button will generate audio messages while performing other operations, making it easier to use.

Most users want to archive inactive threads to organize the conversation while still giving them access to it so they can return to it later.

With this in mind, Facebook introduced Messenger's pull-out "Archive Chat" feature to organize incoming messages, as well as a new "Archive Chat" folder created by cell phones that allows users to quickly switch to the old cat.

No need to manually search for archived conversations on your phone. Simply click on your account picture and select "Archived Discussions" for a full list of archived conversations.

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