Microsoft makes it easy to buy the Xbox console
Microsoft makes it easy to buy the Xbox console

Microsoft launched a new console buy beta program that gives select Xbox Insider members the ability to log in directly from the company's existing Xbox One platform to book a new Xbox Series X game console or Xbox Series S.

The new program is currently only available in the United States. While you do have the option to sign up, this does not mean that you can actually choose to purchase one of the most sought-after platforms.

Customers must also use the Xbox Insider Hub app through the Xbox One to subscribe to the console in order to purchase the beta software and the platform itself. Otherwise, they will not be able to use the computer, web browser, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

This means that the program is deliberately aimed at Xbox fans who own an Xbox One and want to upgrade it to reduce the number of human traffickers.

Scheduled for release in 2016, Xbox Insider allows Xbox fans to provide direct feedback to Microsoft and test future software and feature updates before their full release in the future.

Microsoft said in its latest update that the next-generation platform will likely be challenging in the coming months - they don't plan to buy new Xbox hardware until at least June.

This delay appears to have pushed the software giant to break new ground, selling the platform directly to the masses.

The program also appears to be trying to compete with the resale market for next-generation platforms, which is booming due to the scarcity of chips caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

This slowed down the release of the Microsoft Xbox X and Xbox Series S consoles, as well as the Sony PS5 that launched about six months ago.

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