Microsoft OneDrive supports casting to Chromecast
Microsoft OneDrive supports casting to Chromecast

Microsoft has released an update to the Android cloud storage service OneDrive that allows users to stream media to compatible Chromecasts and other streaming devices.

With Google Drive, Microsoft's cloud storage plays a secondary role for most Android users.

However, those who have invested heavily in Office 365 or Windows still want good cloud storage apps from the software giant.

In February, Microsoft introduced an update that gave the OneDrive app a new Home screen layout and support for Samsung Motion Photos and 8K videos.

The updated home screen layout also shows recently viewed files, files downloaded for offline use, and photos of the day.

Since launching the service in 2007, the software giant has also announced a 64-bit version of the OneDrive app for Android for the first time.

The new 64-bit version is very suitable for using large files because it can access more memory and users can transfer large files and multiple files at the same time.

The tech giant has not revealed the exact date for the 64-bit version of OneDrive, but compatible devices will automatically update after its launch.

According to this information, Microsoft will provide an update to OneDrive version 6.29.1 via Android - the update will be released on May 8th.

Except for the listing on the Google Play Store, Microsoft has no notice regarding the update.

List view: You can now view the media files from a compatible device via Chromecast or TV and you need to find the cast icon in the top toolbar.

Microsoft hasn't announced if the update will make any other major changes to OneDrive.

According to the changelog available on the Google Play Store, the OneDrive for Android app has a new toolbar option at the top of the screen.

The new option allows users to cast media files to their Chromecast or TV with compatible casting options.

Also note that the streaming option is only available for media files that support playback in the OneDrive app. A device running Android 6 or higher is required for this function.

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