Microsoft Teams opens the door to collaborative apps
Microsoft Teams opens the door to collaborative apps

Microsoft allowed developers to create third-party apps in Microsoft Teams last year, but it took it a step further with version 2021.

In order for more app developers to build Microsoft Teams, Microsoft is opening its API, Microsoft Teams Store, and tools for collaboration apps.

Soon, developers will be able to create apps that connect to Microsoft Teams meeting committees, use in-app purchases or subscriptions, and even create separate apps with real-time access to videos and audio in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft says, if you can create web apps, you can create extensions in conversations, channels, and meetings from Microsoft Teams, create them all at once, and run them and publish them anywhere.

This means that the applications designed for this platform can run on Windows, Mac OS, Web, Android, iOS, and even Linux operating systems.

Although some conference room apps have already been used, Microsoft has released a preview version that allows developers to share apps like whiteboards and project boards, and share apps directly on the desktop. Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Microsoft is also making it easier for developers to create these applications through better integration with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Microsoft also introduces Together mode, which uses artificial intelligence to separate your face and shoulders and bring you and your colleagues together in a virtual space. We provide tools for users to create 'together' scenes.

Later this summer, Microsoft will provide third-party apps with real-time access to audio and video broadcasts from the platform.

This enables transcription or note-taking apps to process audio and video from Microsoft Teams, and developers can create custom apps that can access the platform.

The company said: Anyone can create a fully custom app and the app can interact with the platform through voice, video or chat.

Microsoft also allows developers to sell subscriptions to the Microsoft Teams app, which opens the platform store for in-app purchases.

The platform has 145 million daily active users. So you definitely want more apps to sign up for Microsoft Meetings to stand out and be featured there.

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