Bell+Howell 360 Degrees Swivel Design Surge Protector
Bell+Howell 360 Degrees Swivel Design Surge Protector

Bell + Howell Spin Power Deluxe 360 ​​° Rotatable Design, Power Cover, and Charging Station - with 8 x 6 USB Ports and Built-in 45 '' Cable Stand, As Seen on TV

  •   Super Fast Charging This smart charging station uses smart fast charging technology to charge cell phones, smartphones, tablets, power tools and other devices.
  • Surge Protection The Bell + Howell Spin Power has 8 built-in sockets and 6 JUSB connections with surge protection to protect your appliances and fixtures from surges.
  • 360 Degree Rotation This charging station is equipped with a 360 degree angle that allows the base to fully rotate and provides easy access to all ports and USB ports.
  • Tablet and mobile phone holder has built-in device frame in which up to 3 devices, for example phones or tablets, can be stored safely while charging.
  • The 45 '' retractable cord easily fits into any power outlet and retracts to prevent tangles and damage when not in use.

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