Grenprofa 6 Outlet Wall Plug Extender with 4 USB Ports
Grenprofa 6 Outlet Wall Plug Extender with 4 USB Ports

Grenprofa 6 socket extension cable with 4 USB connectors (total 4.8A), power supply unit overvoltage protection (15 A / 1875 W, 900 J), socket extension cable with USB connection, included in the scope of delivery from ETL

 Overcurrent protection with 6 ports and 4 USB ports

Use the Grenprofa Wall Socket Extender USB Wall Faucet to power and charge all devices instantly. The wall faucet has 6 surge protected grounding sockets and 4 USB connectors.

A wall socket extender transforms a regular socket into an efficient multifunctional charging station and reduces the need for charging adapters, eliminating the extra weight space.

Whether in the living room, bedroom, study or when traveling, it is very comfortable and practical and can meet different requirements at the same time.

Great for cell phones and other electronic products that don't seem to have enough power outlets.

High rated power 15A / 1875W

This high quality two-socket plug adapter can ensure stable and stable power output. Provide charging solutions for a variety of devices, such as: b. Cell phones, iPads, tablets, camera batteries, laptops, Kindles or other e-readers and other electronic accessories.

Suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, residences, hotels, etc.

Fast charging dual USB charger - high speed charging technology

4 USB ports (5V, 4.8A combination) that can automatically recognize the charger and offer the fastest charging speed.

The power distribution of these USB ports is 4.8A, which is faster than traditional USB ports for charging.

Wall protection cover with green LED screen

The 900 Joule wall mounted lightning arrester with green LED screen can ensure your electronic devices are protected from voltage fluctuations and voltage surges.

Thin and slim design, ideal for family vacations, travel or business trips!

The USB port socket does not take up much space in your bag or luggage, but it can make your trip very comfortable and efficient.

Once connected, it becomes easy to set up and use.

Grenprofa 6 Outlet Wall Plug Extender with 4 USB Ports
Grenprofa 6 Outlet Wall Plug Extender with 4 USB Ports

  •  [Plug and Play Plug and Play with Plug and Play expansion, the surge protector with Plug and Play wall can be expanded to 6 ports and 4 USB ports. You can supply 6 AC 125V simultaneously via USB wall connection. Charge the device and up to 4 USB devices
  • [4.8A shares 4 high speed USB ports] - 4 smart USB ports can detect chargers and provide maximum charging speed (each port size is 2.4A); This 6-port wall adapter with USB can convert conventional ports into multi-functional, high-efficiency charging stations
  • 900 Joule Advanced Surge Protector - USB USB Surge Protector absorbs spikes and provides excellent protection for computers, cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices from sudden fluctuations, spikes and spikes. The green indicator light shows that the valuable electrical appliances are fully protected
  • [Slim and elegant design fits most standard socket outlets. The compact dual plug adapter can be easily attached to the case. The USB socket is very suitable for dormitories, hotels, and airports ... a plastic mounting rod for GFCI and USB sockets.
  • [Heavy load 15A / 1875W] ETL and FCC certification; Made of durable flame retardant materials; A multi-port adapter with rated power 15A / 1875W can ensure the safety of your electronic devices while providing convenience. Easy-to-use customer service and a one-year limited warranty

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