BUFFALO LinkStation 710 4TB 1-Bay Cloud Data Storage
BUFFALO LinkStation 710 4TB 1-Bay Cloud Data Storage

BUFFALO LinkStation 710 4 TB 1 Home Office Cloud Private Data Storage Including Hard Drives

The LinkStation 700 is a reliable and easy-to-use personal cloud storage solution that allows you to store your most important digital data in one central location and access it from anywhere. You can stream data to DLNA devices over a network, have uninterrupted access to terabytes of storage, and easily backup to multiple computers and Macs in one safe location. By integrating Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, you can create a personal cloud for secure and flexible storage and easily access and share content online anytime anywhere.

Hybrid cloud

Sync with Microsoft OneDrive, Azure, and Dropbox to create a hybrid cloud with LinkStation 700.

Use the LinkStation 700 with Time Machine to back up macOS.

Network access

Buffalo's WebAccess cloud service allows you to create a personal cloud for easy remote access and securely share files with others on the Internet.

2.5 Gigabit over Gigabit

2.5 GB support, compatible with 1 GB and Fast Ethernet. You can upgrade an existing network without upgrading to a gigabit cable.

Avoid cloud subscription fees

The personal cloud is not only a more secure way to store and backup data, but it also does not require a subscription.

Store data securely

You can rest assured that you can store data securely on the LinkStation 700. This device has a closed system that can effectively prevent piracy. 700 has a pre-configured real-time RAID redundancy function. Another unique security feature of LinkStation is that you can securely access the device using SSL encryption.

BUFFALO LinkStation 710 4TB 1-Bay Cloud Data Storage
BUFFALO LinkStation 710 4TB 1-Bay Cloud Data Storage

  •      Store and access data securely at incredible speeds
  •     Connect the internal hard disk to the router for instant access to the network
  •     2.5 Gigabit Gigabit Ethernet to prove your future storage needs
  •     Wty for two years, with 24/7 North American support
  •     You can easily cast videos / music / photos to TV
  •     Sync to Dropbox / OneDrive / Azure for hybrid cloud
  •     4 TB1 full-capacity drive bay
  •     Use the WebAccess cloud service to access your personal cloud from anywhere
  •     Time Machine is compatible with data backup
  •     Includes professional backup software (NovaBackup PC License)

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