Synology 8 Bay RackStation RS1221+
Synology 8 Bay RackStation RS1221+

Synology RackStation RS1221 + is a high-performance, 8-slot, network-connected 2U RackStation storage solution ideal for central data management in environments with short rack depths. The RS1221 + series is a comprehensive data protection option built into DiskStation Manager OS (DSM). It's an ideal choice for managing small file workloads and protecting digital assets in a small business environment.

Compact and reliable

The RS1221 + / RS1221RP + is only 30-38 cm deep and is designed for space-saving deployments. RS1221 + / RS1221RP + can read over 100,000 random reads 4K IOPS, 2315MB / s sequential reads and can handle heavy workloads in data-intensive environments.

Designed for reliability

Redundant power supply: By reducing the power outage of a single sales channel or PDU, the likelihood of data and service availability is reduced.

Data integrity and protection: ECC storage system and Btrfs file system provide higher reliability and snapshot capabilities to prevent data corruption and simplify data protection.

Share and sync files

With fully support for network file sharing protocols (such as CIFS, AFP, NFS, FTP, etc.), DiskStation enables the entire office to centralize files and collaborate on projects. Or sync files across devices or even across sites so remote teams can collaborate.

Backup data off site

Ensure that your business data stays safe in the event of a disaster. The flexible software is seamlessly integrated into various off-site backup plans, so that you can be in a local shared folder, external device, another Synology NAS, Rsync server, or major cloud service such as Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Azure Blue can secure .

Virtualization is done

With support for VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V, DiskStation can be used as a transparent storage solution for virtual environments. With support for integrating iSCSI, NFS, SSD caching, VMware vSphere 6 and VAAI, you can consolidate storage in one place and improve performance. Synology's Virtual Machine Manager software allows you to configure and run multiple virtual machines including Windows, Linux and Virtual DSM.

Video surveillance

Turn any NAS Synology into a complete monitoring solution for intelligent monitoring, management tools, and future scalability and integration. Publish, manage and monitor video channels from an easy-to-use desktop interface without the worry of storing and managing all surveillance videos on your own device.

Synology 8 Bay RackStation RS1221+
Synology 8 Bay RackStation RS1221+

  • Easily manage multi-user environments with up to 2315MB / s read performance and 1147MB / s write performance
  • Shallow depths for RS1221 + and RS1221RP + are 298mm and 399mm, respectively
  • Use the PCIe SFP + or RJ-45 network card in the compatibility list to increase the network performance five times
  • Configure two units together to create a SHA (Synology High Availability) cluster to maximize service availability and failover at the minute level

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