BUFFALO TeraStation 3420DN 16TB 4-Bay Desktop NAS
BUFFALO TeraStation 3420DN 16TB 4-Bay Desktop NAS

The Buffalo TeraStation 3020 Series is the ideal network storage solution for small businesses looking to protect their valuable business data. The TS3020 Series eliminates the need to back up data to misplaced USB drives or to process data on multiple tapes or external hard drives, taking data protection to the next level. Designed with nearly 25 users in mind, the TS3020 Business Series offers the same features as Buffalo's other enterprise-level NAS solutions, plus reliability and versatility to grow your business. TS3020 Series contains built-in NAS Series Hard Disk Drive. The 4-slot shelving and desktop models feature partially-filled options, so you can meet your current storage needs and have the flexibility to expand as needed in the future. Hard drives have been rigorously tested, they can maintain operational stability in a durable environment, and are more stable and reliable than standard desktop hard drives. Small businesses especially appreciate TS3020's features, such as the 2.5Gb capable port, which allows them to achieve the reliability and security typically reserved for businesses.

TeraStation 3020 series

The device is a true standard NAS that is ideal for storing traditional home office and business data. It comes with a built-in hard drive for a plug-and-play experience. The Buffalo TS3020 Series is designed for small to medium businesses and users who want to take the next step in protecting their valuable business data. No more backing up to a misplaced USB drive or USB drive, it is time to take your data seriously.

Data redundancy = private cloud

Many companies / industries, such as hospitals and law firms, have legal obligations to prevent them from backing up data on public cloud services. Additionally, the company may want to create a private cloud for more security, or simply because the cost of the solution is limited, rather than charging a recurring fee for public cloud backups every month.

Integrated cloud backup

Thanks to built-in support for major cloud service providers (such as Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, S3, Dropbox, and Dropbox Business), the TeraStation 3020 makes it easy. This feature allows you to save important job data in a remote backup tool. Like cloud servers, remote backup can add a protection layer to prevent data loss due to environmental disasters, equipment problems, or theft from the primary site.

Buffalo data recovery service

This product qualifies the Buffalo Data Recovery Service for troubleshooting minor logical data issues. To obtain this service, the device must be registered with the original ownership terms.

Remote administration services in Buffalo

By using Buffalo's remote management service to access these devices from a single console, you can save time and resources.

BUFFALO TeraStation 3420DN 16TB 4-Bay Desktop NAS
BUFFALO TeraStation 3420DN 16TB 4-Bay Desktop NAS

  •      It comes with pre-tested NAS series hard drives with pre-configured RAID to save time and money
  •     Includes a ready-to-use 2.5Gb Ethernet port that can increase data transfer speeds without installing cables
  •     Value-oriented NAS for business without spending any money
  •     Integrated support for expanding hybrid / private cloud backups / iSCSI servers
  •     Has 3/24 years of all-weather support in North America for 3 years
  •     Compatible with Amazon S3, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive
  •     16 TB - 4 embedded RAID 5 serial drives = 12 TB available
  •     Japan meets TAA standards
  •     Free remote management system: manage multiple devices from one console, saving time and resources
  •     After signing up, you can use Buffalo's data recovery service. Communication Technology: Ethernet

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