ECHOGEAR 8 Outlet Power Strip with Heavy Duty Surge Supression
ECHOGEAR 8 Outlet Power Strip with Heavy Duty Surge Supression

ECHOGEAR 2-part rotatable kit protection with flat plug, long cables and mounting holes - 8-port socket strips, with high overvoltage and integrated cable system

 If you don't have a jacket, you won't be at the Gallagher Show. So why protect your equipment? The amazing fire performance of 2,160 Joules with ECHOGEAR lightning arrester boost can protect your devices from electrical spikes.

Use ECHOGEAR voltage protectors to protect your devices from five types of strong storms: storms, knocks, bursts, falls ... and spikes. O'Houlihan Correction was approved. We will make the first MOV. MOV flame retardant technology can ensure your home will not be set ablaze in the event of a catastrophic strike. Inexpensive surge protectors can damage your home. Plus, you can play anything! With 8 AC power outlets, you can protect and operate 8 devices at the same time. Six swivel connectors make cable routing easier. Three voltage protection lines allow you to sit back and relax and ensure the safety of your electronic and electrical appliances. Inexpensive surge protectors have only one line of protection. According to our experts' analysis, this is a weak flavoring.

You might not know, but the feature is dirty. Other electrical appliances in your home can cause interference and affect the life of electrical appliances. The EMI / RFI filter can keep the power supply clean and the machine running longer. The surge protection power supply panel features a flexible design and keyhole hooks for cable management and installation, so you may need a clean, protected power supply anytime, anywhere.

Standard panels cannot accommodate large transformers. By connecting at any angle, you can actually use 8 surge protected power outlets.

The 8 '' power cord is soft and flexible, so you can place it exactly where you want it. Everyone knows that height matters to standards.

The design is thin enough to be placed behind a piece of furniture or under a table. Get the protection and performance you need in a high-quality distribution board.

Joule protection

You must first consider joules when choosing a surge protector. The Joule rating indicates the ability of a power stick to withstand electrical surges. The higher the number, the longer the power bar. The 2160J's rating is impressive.

RFI / EMI noise filtering

Our power supply products not only prevent voltage spikes, they can also filter radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference in the power supply. This can help your appliances run better and last longer.

MOV fire

MOV (metal oxide variant) is a shock absorbing sponge. We envelop the MOV in ceramics in case the monster defeats and throws the monster.

Security tested and approved

After the agent of the security laboratory and quality tests (an exceptional world in terms of safety). We always stand behind the product. Minnesota professionals can chat 7 days a week.

ECHOGEAR 8 Outlet Power Strip with Heavy Duty Surge Supression
ECHOGEAR 8 Outlet Power Strip with Heavy Duty Surge Supression

  •  No more lost covered ports. This kit contains 6 foldable rotating outlets and two fixed-sided exits. These outputs can avoid transformer failures in order to ensure good measurement results.
  • The cable management hook keeps wires aligned and easy to control. No more getting tangled and anxious about messy chain slots.
  • Do not allow external electrical interference to damage your appliance. Surge protection devices can filter external interference, provide your electronic devices with clean energy, and protect the electrical outlet at the same time.
  • A surge protector containing 2160 Joules can protect your devices from sudden surges in the current. A rating of 2160 Joules is the best choice for handling many large electronic equipment.
  • Trusted partner, tested and proven. UL Certified, 5 Year Warranty 25K on Connected Device. ECHOGEAR does not set your electronic device to "Hz".

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