ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Rotating AC Outlets
ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Rotating AC Outlets

ECHOGEAR 2-piece wall surge protector with 6 rotating AC sockets and 1080J surge protector - compact design, can be connected to existing sockets to protect your devices

Increase communication capacity and protect electronic devices from overvoltage. Protect your electronic and electrical appliances from the dangers of electricity. Batman protects Gotham City from criminals with best gear to become more powerful. The ECHOGEAR surge protection system was specially developed for you, has many additional functions and is easy to use. The power grid can be unpredictable. Please use the ECHOGEAR voltage protector to protect the device from 5S current: nails, bumps, nails, nails ... and nails. O'Houlihan Correction was approved. If there is a large slope, you don't need to worry about the exit fire due to the use of fireproof MOV (metal oxide variant). This is what makes us special: more technologies and functions are added that cost-effective lightning arrester cannot offer. And if you are smart enough to protect your devices from power surges, you can be smart enough to avoid expensive and inexpensive products. With the wall-mounted lightning arrester, you can operate up to 6 devices simultaneously. Oh, we almost forgot that having an integrated electrical filter can improve the life of electronic equipment. Sounds too good to be true? I don't know how to tell you, but your capacity is very small. Appliances in homes, cell phone towers, and radio can interfere with the power source and contaminate the power supply. Dirty forces are depleting the life of the device and causing a lot of fuss. Our blocker can filter this harmful interference, clean the power supply and extend the life of the device. What a win for you and your gear. Nerd material: 1080J surge protector, max current is 72000A or 6kV noise filter - 5 year warranty on connected devices $ 25K Model Number: ECHO-ASW61

6 connectors rotate 90 degrees to facilitate access to all device components. If you can't use all the extra power outlets, what is it for?

You can eat or eat cake. As long as your cake is high quality and has a low surge protection design. Please do not eat this surge protector.

Place the surge protector where a shielded outlet is required. For example the bedroom. You can now set your mood by connecting a large number of colorful LED lights. Trust me, it will be successful.

Joule Rating

Think of the joule as the amount the standard can increase. Higher scores = long-lasting protection. The built-in surge protection has a very good rating of 1080J.

MOV fire

MOV like sponge, it can absorb excess voltage with increasing current. Our ceramic coating makes it flame retardant and safer for your home.

EMI / RFI Filter

The appliances in your home can interfere with the power source, which could shorten the life of the appliances. Filtering out these harmful signals can extend the life of your items.

ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Rotating AC Outlets
ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Rotating AC Outlets

  •  The 1080J rated power can protect your appliances from the damage caused by sudden surges of current and it has a fire fighting feature to keep your home totally safe. Remember to always use protection for electronic devices ...
  • Six AC coaxial connections can handle all electronic devices, which doubles the communication capacity. A study we just did shows that 6 ports are better than 1. Use it to get the data.
  • It can be installed into an existing socket in seconds to prevent cables from leaking.
  • It filters your electricity to remove dirty energy due to signal interference. For simplicity, the clean energy indication means longer equipment life.
  • UL certification provides a 5-year connected hardware warranty of $ 25,000. ECHOGEAR does not set your electronic device to "Hz". It's a terrible play on words.

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