EyGde Surge Protector with 12 Widely Spaced Outlets
EyGde Surge Protector with 12 Widely Spaced Outlets

Power supply board with 12 connectors with large gap (1875W / 15A, 2800J) and 3 USB charging connectors (1 USB-C, 2 USB-A), EyGde surge protection with 5 feet extension, suitable for wall mounting in home and the desk

 Voltage Protection EyGde 12 Port With High Speed ​​18W USB C Charging Port

The surge protector provides 12 large AC outlets and 3 smart USB charging ports. Meanwhile, there are 12 widely spaced AC plugs that can accommodate larger unconnected plugs.

When the total power of electronic devices exceeds the maximum rated power, the on / off switch will be deactivated automatically along with the reset switch to protect your electronic devices.

The maximum power supported by this high performance 15A cable is 1875W, it provides a powerful desktop charging station for both home and office electronics products.

Smart USB charging port

USB-A jack (5V / max. 2.4V per connection) and USB-C charging speed up to 18W. With built-in smart charging technology, it can automatically recognize your device and offer the maximum charging speed for your device.

12 ports with larger distances

The large connector spacing of 1.49 inches is sufficient to hook up bulky adapters and you don't have to worry about sacrificing sockets to install larger plugs.

Flat plug with right angles

It has a flat right angle plug that fits easily behind furniture or other electrical outlets. The 15A extension cord provides enough cord length (5 feet) to meet your daily needs.

Installable design

Four rubber feet on the underside prevent slipping. Two well-designed holes are used to mount the board to a table or base plate. This is very useful for saving space and avoiding confusion.

Over-voltage protection

The surge protector built into the circuit breaker can protect your expensive equipment and your home. When the electrical load exceeds 15A / 1875W, the reliable circuit breaker will shut off automatically to protect your appliances and your home.

PC + ABS flame retardant material

Overvoltage protection, circuit breaker, overcurrent protection, overload protection, earthing protection and UL-V0 fireproof housing provide complete safety for you and your devices.

EyGde Surge Protector with 12 Widely Spaced Outlets
EyGde Surge Protector with 12 Widely Spaced Outlets

  •  (12 wide connections, a total of 12 connections (1875W, 15A) can meet all charging requirements of home, office and kitchen appliances (such as TVs, Speakers, DVDs, Computers, etc.). 12 wide connectors give you more convenience.
  • 【18W USB-C PD charging port, USB Type-C port, 2 USB-A ports. Most devices can be charged. With the help of smart charging technology, the USB port automatically recognizes your device and provides the fastest charging speed. (USB-C 18W, i.e. USB-A 0-2.4A port).
  • The flat 45 ° plug with a flat surface at right angles and a bumper on the wall makes it easy to enter a wall outlet clogged by a sofa or TV stand without bending or damaging the power cord. Two mounting holes support three directions: suitable for mounting in different scenarios.
  • Complete Protection The protective cover 2800 JB is made of high quality ABS plastic and UL94 V-0-PC flame retardant material with overload protection function to prevent fluctuations and fluctuations.
  • [18 Months Replacement Service 3-Port USB Extension Cord Get RoHS and FCC Certification. If you have any questions, please call us. We will solve the problem for you to make sure you have a good experience.

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