FKA Dual or Three Screen 13.3 1080P IPS Portable Monitor
FKA Dual or Three Screen 13.3 1080P IPS Portable Monitor

FKA Portable Monitor, Laptop Screen, Dual or Triple Screen 13.3 '' 1080P IPS USB-A / Type-C / HDMI Screen Extender Compatible with 14.5 '' 16 '' Retractable Laptop Rail, Support Retractable on the Back

easy to use

The portable folding expander can rotate the viewing modes 235 degrees and 180 degrees, respectively, to split or move the sides of the screen to get the best viewing angle. Portrait (Landscape) and Landscape (Landscape) modes suit different page / photo / graphics / game orientations. Bringing different visual experiences.

Smart design

This portable extension cord is cleverly designed and weighs only 2.53lbs. Very suitable for a mobile office. These three screens are like a small studio. It is necessary to go home.

Telescopic rail

The diaphragm can be tightened freely and perfectly adapts to the laptop screen. Each screen and display parameter parameters can be customized. The extended monitor stand is made of high quality plastic and can withstand normal wear and tear.

Telescope support

Behind the extension is a retractable adjustable stand so that the angle of inclination of the screen extension can be adjusted as needed.

FKA Dual or Three Screen 13.3 1080P IPS Portable Monitor
FKA Dual or Three Screen 13.3 1080P IPS Portable Monitor

  •  [Function] Now it can provide up to three times the portable screen for laptops, and with two portable triple screens (each portable screen contains two 13.3 inch screens) - all works are projected from the stage to the front, three independent display screens, all can be displayed Data on portable 1080p IPS screen via triple. You can combine work, study and entertainment in one laptop and combine work and comfort without getting bored. Increase work efficiency by 50%.
  • [Generally applies to 14-16 inch laptop screens that are less than 7 mm thick, more than 23 cm high, over 29.5 cm wide, and less than 41.5 cm. Each screen can adjust brightness, contrast and other parameters independently and is equipped with USB /. The HDMI / C Type-C laptop combines signal and power in one device, making it possible to achieve a single-wire connection display. Desktop / laptop / game console with HDMI output interface can be directly connected to it.
  • Design] a retractable extension, which can be rotated at a angle of 235 degrees and 180 degrees to position the presentation to be split, or it can be moved to either side of the screen for the desired viewing angle. Portrait and Landscape (Horizontal) are positioned correctly so that they can be set for Page / Picture / Mapping / GPS game. The brace can be adjusted to gain support from an extended back leg. Connect the laptop and foldable screen with a Type-C cable or select "mirroring settings" or "advanced settings" to copy or extend the laptop screen.
  • [Applies to people and events] The portable screen is human-friendly design with an expandable stand. By securing the stand above the laptop screen, the stand can be easily and securely attached without the use of other accessories (such as a magnet). Supports 14-16 inch laptop bags and provides a great experience for professionals, employees, gamers, stock traders, business people, programmers, students, etc.
  • [Guaranteed service and packing of the portable dual or triple screen plug-in guaranteed for one year! Energy saving, BSMI, CE, FCC, KCC, RoHS, UL, WEEE, CA65 certification. Each order includes two displays, two MINI HDMI to HMMI cables, two USB-C to USB-C cables (90 °) and two USB-C to USB-A cables. Before placing an order, please make sure your laptop size is within our appropriate range. If you have any questions, please contact us ASAP, we will solve your needs in time.

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