Microsoft is improving the shared calendar in Outlook
Microsoft is improving the shared calendar in Outlook

At Microsoft's annual Build 2021 conference, the software giant spoke about some updates to its upcoming popular Outlook email solution.

There are two new features coming: the first is Enterprise Explorer and the second is the Message extension for Outlook on the web.

Enterprise Explorer is the new integrated Outlook app to be launched this summer.

The app is designed to help you find colleagues or teams with skills similar to yours so that you can work together.

Microsoft said: The app appeared at a time when businesses were becoming increasingly distracted, making this task difficult.

The app allows you to conduct visual searches across the company to explore colleagues and teams and identify the skills that can get your work done.

Office Insider subscribers can use the new Enterprise Explorer option in beta channels with 14101 or higher.

While Microsoft plans to slowly release it to more internet testers over time, not everyone will see it right away.

Once beta testing is complete, non-experimenters can use this feature.

Microsoft said: This is the biggest change to the Windows version of Outlook since it was first released in 1997.

The company began researching new experiences in July 2019 and thousands of users are reviewing them every day.

Microsoft Outlook:

Meanwhile, the email extension in Outlook for the web is more of a developer role. The goal is to simplify managing your emails.

Developers should see a unified experience in the Microsoft Team and Outlook on the web.

What this means for you is that when composing an email, you'll see a new list of search-based plugins to choose from.

You might be able to create an email and then use the message extension to extract the task from the Microsoft Teams app and then send it to your teammates.

The last change you probably won't notice right away in Outlook is a developer-focused team change.

Microsoft announced that developers can now use a single global business model to create and use a single adaptive card in Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

This means that developers can share user interface data so that their experiences are more consistent between Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

This is a change from the past as developers need to create two separate adaptive card integrations. The applications should be more accurate and compatible with each other.

Version 2021 is still under development and should be accompanied by more announcements about Windows 10 and other parts of Microsoft 365.

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