IECOPOWER Power Strip with 3 USB Charging Ports
IECOPOWER Power Strip with 3 USB Charging Ports

 IECOPOWER socket strip with 3 USB charging connectors (5V / 3.1A), miniature surge protection with 2 USB and 2 plugs

 Small and portable size, suitable for travel, home and office work

Equip your home or office with 3 shielded USB connections and 2 ground connections via IECOPOWER. Simple design and small size, very suitable for home and office tables or bedside tables. Let multiple devices operate at the same time and connect most appliances and home appliances.

High speed charging

Each USB port can intelligently charge up to 2.4A (total output: 3.1A / 15.5W) and eliminates the need to use multiple chargers.

Suitable for cell phones, laptops, bluetooth speakers, etc.

Offer anywhere

It features a right-angled tab design and is thinner than other power supply panels and is ideal for hard-to-reach power outlets behind a bed or sofa.

Wear, wear

Compatible with universal voltage 100 ~ 240V, which means you can use it when traveling abroad with the travel adapter.

Small and portable size is the first choice for aviation

IECOPOWER Power Strip with 3 USB Charging Ports
IECOPOWER Power Strip with 3 USB Charging Ports

  •  【5-in-1 Multifunctional Power Supply Board - The power supply board with 2 AC ports (1625W / 13A) and 3 USB ports (5V / 3.1A) can support 5 electrical devices such as computers and laptops at the same time . For families, studies and offices this is a really great help, saving time and space.
  • (Fast Charging Technology - Each USB port can charge up to 5V / 2.4A (5V / 3.1A total) and meet the expectations of different USB electronic devices. Using the latest smart charging technology, the host can automatically detect which devices you are connected to and operate faster and more efficiently. This means that your smartphone, tablet, and portable power bank can be charged together without a package or adapter and your room will still be tidy.
  • 【Optimized right angle tabs and lower 4 foot span tabs are easy to install in tight spaces, and their 45 degree angle design prevents jamming on the bottom sockets. The improved 5ft braided extension cord makes it tangle-free, flexible, beautiful, durable, long lasting, and has a better carrying capacity (13A).
  • [MUST HAVE SHIP / HOUSE - NO surge guards, family cruise items and cruise accessories required, cruise line requires no surge protector. The portable size and compact design fit perfectly with luggage and suitcases.
  • [Safety and Service Support System] - The circuit board is made of flame retardant ABS + PC cover which can withstand the high temperature of 1382. Also, it has passed FCC and ROH certification, which can prevent damage to your electrical devices. Over current / overload / short circuit / overheating. Friendly and reliable customer service support (24 hours * 7 days). Please rest assured that you must purchase and follow our return (exchange or refund) policy within 30 days.

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