Google is working to make Android tablets more useful
Google is working to make Android tablets more useful

Google announced a new media consumption feature for the Android tablet, Entertainment Space.

After the decline in sales of Android tablets, the epidemic is back, so we have to take care of it again.

According to Google data, the number of Android tablet users increased by 30% last year compared to the previous year.

To make these devices more useful, the company introduced the Entertainment Space feature, which acts as a gateway to all the multimedia applications that I have installed.

The entertainment zone is a one-stop shop that combines videos (TV shows, movies, YouTube), games, and books.

Google has been developing the entertainment space for two years and it's one of the biggest changes to the Android tablet experience in a long time.

Starting this month, the Entertainment Areas section will appear on the left side of the main screen for Wal-Mart tablets and expand to include devices from Lenovo, Sharp, and other companies around the world.

The update is expected to be available later this year to provide entertainment space for users who currently own Android tablets from one of the three brands.

Google said: This feature saves time and eliminates the need to switch between applications to see what to do, be it watching, playing or reading.

She added: Once you log into the subscription app, the entertainment zone will display your content in one place and customize it for you. If you want to share a tablet, each family member can have their own account.

The playback pane is basically similar to the Google TV experience via Chromecast, but has been pushed to the tablet's screen.

Google controls all content suggestions. However, since device manufacturers can preload apps across devices, this may affect attention-grabbing videos until you enter and customize the service.

If you don't want Entertainment Space to replace anything on the left side of the current home screen, that depends entirely on whether the company that makes the tablet allows this option and whether you can turn this feature off.

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