IVV 173FC1-B IPS HDR FHD Ultra-Slim Portable Monitor
IVV 173FC1-B IPS HDR FHD Ultra-Slim Portable Monitor

IVV Portable Screen, 17.3 Inch IPS HDR 1080PFHD Eye Protection Screen, Ultra-thin Type-C and HDMI Screen, Laptop Screen, Laptop Screen for MAC Laptop, Xbox Switch PS4 / 5 Xbox Phone Dual Speakers

 17.3 '' IVV Real Time Portable Video Monitor

Tired of frequently switching between different pages and windows? Is one screen sufficient to meet the workload or need? Your smartphone is small. Can you watch movies? When playing games, are your eyes tired of the old screen? IVV Portable Monitor with HDMI and micro USB-C port can be used as second screen for Laptops, Computers, MacBooks and Mobile Phones, which will greatly improve your work efficiency and viewing experience.

Three-in-one display mode

To connect a portable monitor to a computer or laptop, the IVV outdoor monitor provides a 3-in-1 display mode to adapt to different requirements in different situations.

  •     Repeat mode, also called copy mode. In this mode, mirror the screen to your PC or laptop. It is usually used in group sessions to share the same screen.
  •     Advanced Mode - Two monitors can display different pages by simply swiping the page on the far right or far left of your computer or laptop. No matter what you're doing - writing code, designing, using Photoshop, or just a regular computer user - this USB Type-C monitor greatly expands your field of vision and simplifies your work.
  •     The second screen mode displays the content when the computer is turned off. In this mode, IVV Portable Monitor can not only save computer power but also give you stunning Full HD resolution.

It's easy to connect a laptop to a computer

  •     The IVV 17.3 Portable Monitor is a lightweight display with HDMI and USB C inputs.
  •     You can easily connect this portable monitor to a desktop or laptop computer without drivers or software.
  •     Perfect for magnifying the screen, playing games while traveling, on business trips, or for family entertainment

Portable gaming screen

  •     IVV Display is a great choice for playing HD PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, Wii or Nintendo Switch games on screen.
  •     HDR 1920 * 1080 pixels screen can deliver brighter and vivid color images with higher contrast. It makes your gaming experience more attractive
IVV 173FC1-B IPS HDR FHD Ultra-Slim Portable Monitor
IVV 173FC1-B IPS HDR FHD Ultra-Slim Portable Monitor

  •  Wide Compatibility] With two full Type-C ports and a mini HDMI port, this portable laptop screen works with all computers, laptops, Macs, Surface, phones, PS4, PS5, Xbox, NTD keys compatible with cameras . You can only connect it to an electronic device to enlarge the screen.
  • [17.3 ”Infinite Screen, See More“ 17.3 ”HD Portable IVV has a frame of only 3mm and a screen width of only 17.3 inch, providing better view of the frame than the conventional 15.6”. There is virtually no gap between viewing and navigating most parts of the world at the same time without the distraction of the list of tasks to be performed on the screen.
  • [FHD 1080P IPS HDR Screen is a 17.3 inch portable screen with 178 degree viewing angle. IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, HDR functions and FreeSync bring you business and business experience. Clearer, smoother and better conversation. It can effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light radiation, no flicker, eye care, and can be used for a long time without eye fatigue.
  • [Plug and play the USB-C cable and the mini HDMI cable. The screen can work without a driver. It is easy to use. If you use the adapter to power the screen, it can also supply power to your computer or smartphone while using the screen, so you don't have to worry. Your phone or computer has run out of power.
  • [Two built-in stereo speakers, two speakers and a headphone jack, deep and accurate bass, giving us a better audio experience without additional external audio connections. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use it whenever you want without disturbing others.

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