SideTrak STTL12BL-TRIA Swivel Triple Portable Monitor
SideTrak STTL12BL-TRIA Swivel Triple Portable Monitor

3-Way Rotating Portable SideTrak Monitor | 12.5 '' FHD IPS laptop with up to three screens | Compatible with Mac, PC, and Chrome | Power supply via USB or Mini HDMI

Do anything from anywhere

Enjoy the fun of changing scenes without losing productivity. The rotary screen is still attached to the laptop and does not require a table, so you can use all three monitors anywhere.

Adjust your settings

You can use rotation as a standalone display and adjust settings to your liking. Set the portrait or landscape position.

Unleash unlimited productivity

Whether you're on a call or working on an important project, the three screens make it easy to refer to documents and take notes with more screen space.

Change the way you work together

Easily share your good ideas with colleagues and clients! This portable screen is designed for 270 ° reverse rotation, 360 ° rotation, and auto rotation.

SideTrak Triple Rotating Strainer

Use Triple SideTrak to rotate your mobile monitor and boost productivity! Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, it is the perfect companion for your laptop. Use the sideTrak triple-pan screen to easily connect, get started and adjust settings.

SideTrak STTL12BL-TRIA Swivel Triple Portable Monitor
SideTrak STTL12BL-TRIA Swivel Triple Portable Monitor

  •  Triple screen setup >> New pluggable mobile screen technology instantly triples your laptop screen area! Two 12.5-inch Full HD portable displays are permanently attached to the back of the laptop to combine the efficiency of the three screens with laptop portability.
  • Lightweight & Portable >> Each SideTrak rotary screen weighs only 1.5lbs and has a strong magnetic link that allows you to hold your laptop while the SideTrak is still running and go from room to room without a full configuration! When traveling, just turn off one screen on the back of the laptop and then switch to the second screen separately.
  • Brilliant Picture Quality >> These 12.5 ”HD Portable IPS LCD Portable Displays provide a bright, colorful and immersive viewing experience! By rotating the display, adjusting the brightness, or using a stand, you can easily customize the SideTrak swivel head to suit your viewing preferences.
  • Extend, Flip and Rotate >> Extend the screen for better multitasking or flip and rotate the screen for a great presentation. With the SideTrak Swivel's unique hinge and auto rotating screen, you can easily split the screen by rotating the screen horizontally or vertically.
  • Highly Compatible >> These portable displays require no download and are compatible with most devices and operating systems including Mac, PC, Chrome, PS4, Xbox and Switch. The compact and innovative accessories fit laptops of all sizes and the built-in stand allows you to move to a standalone screen. Please check laptop connection before purchasing this package.

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