Letsfit IW2 1.55 Inch LCD Color Screen Smartwatch
Letsfit IW2 1.55 Inch LCD Color Screen Smartwatch

Letsfit IW2 smart watch, 1.55 inch LCD color screen (for Android and iOS phones), heart rate monitor and blood oxygen saturation monitor, 5ATM waterproof fitness tracker for men and women

24-hour heart rate monitoring

View your heart rate data 24/7 via the Letsfit app. This gives you more control over your health.

It can measure the level of oxygen in the blood

With our smart watch, you can check the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Note: Your wrist should be placed flat on a surface such as a table in order to obtain more accurate results when using.

Sleep quality control

Pairing your smartwatch with the Letsfit app allows you to monitor sleep data over time and adjust your sleep patterns if you need to improve your health.

Take control of your music

You can control the music directly from your wrist while you exercise, skip it, or play / pause it without having to hold your smartphone.

Smart diary reminder

Our smart watches also contain constant reminders, reminders to refill water, alarms and other functions to help you in your daily life.

Letsfit IW2 1.55 Inch LCD Color Screen Smartwatch
Letsfit IW2 1.55 Inch LCD Color Screen Smartwatch

  •  Personalize your watch surface: The 1.55 inch touch screen on the IW2 smartwatch can adjust brightness and other cool functions of the Letsfit app. IW2 smrt "320 * 360" high resolution clock also can change the dial of any picture, for example b. Your family, pets, etc.
  • Track your sleep, monitor your heart rate: A comprehensive understanding of your sleep quality (deep sleep, light sleep and wake time) to help you analyze sleep patterns. Our smart watch can also automatically monitor your heart rate in real time.
  • Smart and 10-day battery notifications: When paired with a smartphone, you will receive calendar notifications, SMS, incoming calls, SNS notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter), etc. Thanks to the built-in 260mAh battery, this watch will be fully charged for 2 hours and will work For a period of up to 10 days.
  • Track your sports activities throughout the day: After logging into the Letsfit app, our smartwatch with 10 sports modes and GPS tracking can easily monitor your pace, mileage, and more. It also comes with a 5ATM waterproof nano coating that allows you to swim in the pool without damaging the equipment. (Please note that swimming data tracking functionality is not included).
  • Applies to iPhone and Android devices: The Letsfit app requires Android OS 6.0 / iOS 11.0 and above and Bluetooth 5.0 or higher and is only available for smartphones. The box also includes a portable magnetic charger.

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