Apple Watch 3 has become a problem for Apple
Apple Watch 3 has become a problem for Apple

Apple Watch Series 3 released in 2017 has become a long-term problem for Apple. This has also become a problem for developers.

Smartwatch update becomes difficult, and it's impossible to install watchOS updates through it without fully restoring the device first.

Not only does Apple Watch Series 3 offer the experience users have come to expect, but it also annoys some developers.

Even if the hourly performance of these apps is no longer satisfactory, developers must support legacy formats.

The question remains whether Apple can barely sell the product if it can barely get the update.

What can Apple do:

This watch is 4 years old but is still relatively cheap for regular customers so it still looks great.

For those who aren't into everything the Apple Watch Series 6 can do, $ 199 is okay.

The biggest problem is that Apple models only have 8GB of storage space.

If a customer purchases an Apple Watch Series 3 using a cellular network, they will have no problem using the watch because the watch has 16GB storage capacity. This is enough to update the smart watch.

So, if you have the Cellular Edition of Apple Watch Series 3, Apple can keep WatchOS 8 software updates available to you for at least one year.

Now, if you own an Apple Watch Series 3, it can be frustrating to have to restore a new watch every two months.

The best thing Apple should do right now is to close Apple Watch Series 3, keep watchOS updates for another year, and reduce the price of the Apple Watch SE by about 10%.

There has been a precedent since Apple lowered the original Apple Watch price before the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced.

In addition to notifying users that they need to restore the Apple Watch Series 3, the company can provide software updates that require less storage space.

Apple Watch SE is the answer:

With WWDC 2021 just a few days away, Apple may soon announce its planned work on the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 3 is a useful addition to the watch. However, these days, insufficient storage space has become a bigger problem than just serving customers who want to try their Apple Watch for the first time.

Currently, the company is expected to focus on the faster and more powerful Apple Watch SE. And since the price difference between two hours does not exceed $ 100.

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