ScopeAround SA39A Ear Wax Removal with Camera
ScopeAround SA39A Ear Wax Removal with Camera

Ear Cleaning Camera, Earwax Remover for ScopeAround Camera, Ear Cleaner with 3.9mm HD Earwax Remover (with Camera), 6 LED Earwax Remover, Otoscope with Light Function (for iPhone), Android

The ScopeAround ear cleaning camera is an easy-to-use dewax and wax removal camera. This earwax or earwax camera has ultra clear optical effects and includes a high quality 3.9mm lens, 6 LED lights and a 6-axis gyroscope. An ear cleaning or wax removal camera is a comfortable and safe wax removal tool. Easy to check ears, nose and mouth, suitable for adults, children and pets. Earwax remover for ear endoscopes is suitable for home appliances to remove earwax.

Temperature control

An earwashed camera has a constant temperature like the temperature of a human body. We offer you a safe and comfortable experience, please take care of it.

Water resistant earplugs

The quality of the waterproof otoscope is IP67 and it is easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol.

ScopeAround SA39A Ear Wax Removal with Camera
ScopeAround SA39A Ear Wax Removal with Camera

  •      PERFECT EAR CLEANING CAMERA - The otoscope can remove earwax with its super clear vision camera. You can easily remove earwax with the camera's ear cleaner
  •     Ultra HD In-Ear Camera - The headphone cleaner is only 0.15 inch in diameter. Equipped with a high-resolution 1 million pixel in-ear camera that can be easily inserted into the ear canal for earwax examination
  •     Fixed focal length 1 inch, better lighting effect, can take better photos - use 6 LEDs for wax removal. With a fixed focal length of 1 inch, this wax removal camera can take better and more realistic photos (Tips): If the photo is blurry, please try to correct the focus)
  •     Using OTOSCOPE is very easy to download and install "BK WIFI" app. Long press the power button to turn on the otoscope. Please create a correct connection to the WLAN: "Smart Otoscope xxx" (if there is no image or black screen, check if the WLAN is connected properly). The digital otoscope can easily connect WiFi to your device
  •     Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and TABLET - Not applicable to supported computers. This ear cleaning camera is very compatible and very useful tool for removing wax from your ears
  •     Package Contents (Anti-injury and Heat Resistant Accessories) Otoscope, USB Charging Cable, 4 Earbuds, 3 Anti-Endoscope, Instruction Manual, Clean Cotton Swab and Cotton
  •     WATERPROOF AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The camera's ear cleaner has a waterproof rating of IP67 (note: water only applies to the lens, not the whole body), and the temperature of the ear cleaner should not be higher than 25 degrees
  •     Practical and safe wax removal camera with soft silicone ear hook and 6-axis intelligent directional gyroscope, plus free 360-degree viewing of ultra-clear photos and videos, can help you complete descaling.
  •     350mAh battery C-type earwax remover Charging time: 1 hour, Working time: 2 hours (Note: If the otoscope is not used for a long time, please charge it every 3 months)

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