Seniny HD Waterproof Zoom Night Vision Binocular
Seniny HD Waterproof Zoom Night Vision Binocular

Seniny Bird Watching Telescope For Adults, CineNi 12x42 HD High Magnification Binoculars, Night Vision Binoculars, Durable BAK4 Prism FMC Lens, Bird Watching And Hunting Binoculars

 Capture all the good times

The Seniny 12 X 42 HD birdwatching binoculars can be used for all outdoor and indoor activities.

Binoculars bring you closer to the world and deliver high-resolution images with extremely accurate color reproduction. Bring the distant vision close to your eyes as if they are close to you. Put nature in front of you.

You can use it for hiking, camping, bird watching, and even soccer and theater games. The phone holder can help you to keep many good memories in life.

 Enjoy the pictures of the bright stars

    Senniy high performance binoculars are made of BAK4 Prism FMC lens, which is multi-coated and anti-reflection mirror. True color reproduction with no chromatic aberration can be provided under the FMC lens.

Durable design

    The sigmoidoscopy is waterproof and thus can be used at any time, even on rainy days. Note: They cannot be used in heavy rain or immersed in water for long periods of time.

High quality and durable materials

    Senniy night vision binoculars are made of non-slip rubber (ABS plastic), which makes them non-slip, shock-resistant and able to withstand harsh weather and harsh environments while hiking or camping.

Seniny HD Waterproof Zoom Night Vision Binocular
Seniny HD Waterproof Zoom Night Vision Binocular

  •  ⭐ [Seniny 12x42 Ultra Wide View binoculars are 12x magnification, provide a field of view of 360.9 feet at 0.62 miles, and are specially designed for outdoor activities (such as hiking, hiking, mountain climbing, landscaping, soccer). Our night vision binoculars and daytime lenses contain fully-coated multi-optics that are free from chromatic aberrations and night vision in poor lighting conditions.
  • The CineNi Hunting Telescope is covered with a BAK4 prismatic cloth, the lens is made of FMC multilayer wide band green film and the optical lens is with FMC blue coating which gives you a better field of view. Bird binoculars compare the images so that the bird you are watching is easily accessible.
  • 👍 【Easy to focus and take notes, the lightweight Sineeni scope is easy to carry for adults, and the super diopter system can adjust the visual balance of the eyes. With the phone unit, you can record every beautiful moment. Our children's binoculars feature a smooth, easy-to-use focus button that allows you to focus the image by adapting the appropriate lens to different viewing distances.
  • 💦 DURABLE AND WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE The SINNI birdwatching binoculars are made of extremely durable materials and equipped with a protective, odorless, shock-resistant and non-slip rubber cover. Thanks to its waterproof design, you can use it safely even on rainy days. Thanks to the night vision function, the hunting binoculars are suitable for use in dark environments such as concerts, operas, astronomical observations and sightseeing.
  • 💓 [Cineini Kids Binoculars Set Includes: Binoculars Box, Dual-lens Straps, Phone Adapter, Detachable Safety Goggles, Clean Cloth, Bird Watching, Hunting Gear and Men's Hunting Accessories Great gift. If you have any problems with the built-in binoculars, please contact us, we will fix it within 24 hours.

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