VINTAR Multi Plug Outlet Extender with Dusk to Dawn Night Light
VINTAR Multi Plug Outlet Extender with Dusk to Dawn Night Light

VINTAR surge protection wall mount, multi port extender with dusk to dawn, usb wall charger with 6 ports and 3 usb ports, suitable for home, school and office, white, ETL 1728J certified.

 9-in-1 super charging station

Just plug it into a wall outlet and expand it to 3 USB and 6 AC outlets. You can convert a single power outlet into a hub terminal without connecting multiple USB adapters. It is very suitable for charging smart phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

This connection is suitable for most electronic devices, 1875 watts max at 125 volts and 1500 watts max at ~ 100 volts. It can be used with various electronic devices such as cameras, iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, Android smartphones, power banks, headphones, game consoles, razors, GPS, etc. Please refer to the safety data sheet or the dashboard before use.

Smart USB charging port

This port contains 3 USB ports. Three USB Plugs (5V / 2.4V max per connection) with 5V / 3.4A total output.

Thanks to the built-in smart charging technology, it can automatically detect your device and provide your device with the maximum charging speed.

Make sure of security

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules to ensure quality and safety.

With the built-in 1728 Joule protector, you can prevent your electrical equipment from causing overcurrent, short circuit current, overloading and overheating.

4. Advanced handle design

To connect bulky adapters, widely spaced outlets are used, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing larger plugs out ports.

Flame retardant 1382 in environmental protection and flame retardant.

VINTAR Multi Plug Outlet Extender with Dusk to Dawn Night Light
VINTAR Multi Plug Outlet Extender with Dusk to Dawn Night Light

  •  [6 Outlet Surge Protector Outlet Extension] 6 extension plugs with 6 standard plugs can be installed at the same time. Thanks to the built-in overvoltage protection (1728 J), it can absorb a lot of energy while protecting overvoltage and protecting your valuable electrical appliances. The LED lights up, indicating that your device is largely protected from overvoltage.
  • [USB Fast Charging Station] Besides the 5V nominal voltage of 3.4A, the high speed USB port can automatically detect the charger and provide the best charging speed of 2.4A for each USB port. The shelf design makes it easy to place your phone while charging.
  • [Smart Night Light] It has sensor for twilight until dawn. It turns on automatically only when there is not enough ambient light, and there is no blue night light to protect your eyes. Continuous dimming allows you to choose a soft light that meets your specific requirements thanks to the adjustable brightness.
  • [Easy to install, stable design] Just plug it into a standard outlet. You get 6 ports + 3 USB charging ports + night light. The back is bolted and assembled that can be fixed securely to the wall without falling off.
  • [Safety Guarantee] Multiple overheat protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and flame retardant computer case provide comprehensive protection for your devices and your family. Our socket extension cords have passed ETL certification and are listed. All VINTAR products are entitled to 1 year warranty: Refund or exchange of items.

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