VVONS 4 Outlets 2 USB Flexible Surge Protector
VVONS 4 Outlets 2 USB Flexible Surge Protector

Flexible VVONS surge protector board, 6 feet power cord, 4 ports, 2 USB port (10V / 13A), with overload protection extension cable, suitable for trips to home and office

Our advantage:

    We are professional power board manufacturer with 10 years production experience. We have a more professional understanding of dynamic drawing.

    The design is our patented design, it is handcrafted and executed mechanically by professional and technical personnel to make the product exquisite and offer overall high quality product with beautiful appearance.

    Safety Information: It is made of high quality PC flame retardant material (performance is better than ABS), 750 degree high temperature flame resistance, 6 feet UL 3C CE 100% CE copper wire. It has high temperature regulator and protection device, as well as double safety doors to protect users and children.

    Strong conductivity, the life of the switch can reach more than 10,000 times, the high-quality copper foil is driven by flexibility, the socket is used more than 5,000 times without decoding, the USB uses high-quality chips, the number of uses is up to 5000 times, the output is 5V 2.1A , Which can meet different needs. Digital products, home appliances, office equipment, etc.

VVONS 4 Outlets 2 USB Flexible Surge Protector
VVONS 4 Outlets 2 USB Flexible Surge Protector

  •     Unique Design]: This is our patented design which can be rotated and deformed. Each unit can be rotated 180 °, left or right 90 °. It is very flexible and can accommodate small spaces.
  •     [More space] 5 port storage locations, 2 5V 2.1A USB port for fast charging, 1.8m (6ft) power cord and more space for power socket. You have more options.
  •     Safe: The product has passed UL CE ROHS certification. Voltage and current 110V-250V 2500W. The outer part is made of flame retardant PC material, 100% UL certified copper wire and overvoltage protection (automatic shutdown technology). This construction can better prevent fire and damage to other electronic equipment.
  •     Scope of application: This product is suitable for most home appliances and office supplies (televisions, computers, cell phones, coffee makers, microwaves, etc.).
  •     [Enthusiastic service: We will continue to provide you with better products and services. If you have any comments or comments, please contact us in time. (If you are not satisfied with the goods, we provide return and exchange service.)

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