Witeem 12 Outlets Power Strip and 4 USB Charging Ports
Witeem 12 Outlets Power Strip and 4 USB Charging Ports

USB overcurrent protection (4360J), Witeem 12-port power strip, 4 USB charging connectors (5V / 3.4A), flat plug, 1875W / 15A, and 6ft high performance extension cable included in The scope of delivery is from ETL

The security force is an orphan.

Witeem, a brand dedicated to supplying high quality lightning arresters. We have a strong technical team and a full-service system to ensure better safety, quality and service. Weetam condoms are widely used in homes, offices, hotels and many other places. We win the trust of our customers with quality, service is our goal, orphans deserve your choice.

Over-voltage protection

All load connections in the array are equipped with Advanced Overcurrent Protection (4630 J) to further protect your devices. Three indicator lights can convert the surge arrestor safety status into visual information so that safety information can be transmitted more quickly.

6 feet 15 a

This 6ft fireproof computer bag is packed with 15A high purity copper wire, which means it has better conductivity, less heat, higher performance, longer operating distance and higher safety.

The power supply board can be installed

The installable design makes the position of the Witeem power board more flexible. Only two screws of the correct size are required to easily secure the panel in the desired position.

Security force

The Witeem card has extended protection against overvoltage (4630 J), overheating with high current, overload, and short circuit, enabling 100% safe charging.

4 smart USB ports

The 3.4A USB ports can achieve the highest charging efficiency of 2.4A for cell phones and 1A cell phones at the same time. If it exceeds 3.4 amps, it will affect the charging efficiency.

Design humanized graphic components

The flat 45 degree connector avoids the problem of clogging the extension cord for other ports and improves the outlet utilization rate

Witeem 12 Outlets Power Strip and 4 USB Charging Ports
Witeem 12 Outlets Power Strip and 4 USB Charging Ports

  •     ✔ MULTI-Socket Strip Port - This large multi-socket outlet has 12 connections (max power rating of 1875W, 125V / 15A) through which it can go to televisions, speakers, DVDs, computers, laptops, printers, modems, lamps, refrigerators and other devices at You can download them at home or in the office.
  •     ✔ This fast charging connection, with built-in fast charging technology, automatically detects your device and provides the fastest charging speed up to 12W (5V per connection / 2.4V max). You can charge cell phones, tablets, and other portable USB devices via four USB ports (3.4A / 17W total).
  •     ✔ Overcurrent protection - The power supply board provides complete protection for connected devices and equipment. The protection level of the surge protection power cable is 4360 Joules with integrated circuit breaker and automatic shutdown technology with three LED lights that can indicate the safe condition of all electronic devices used.
  •     ✔ ALL-IN-ONE PROTECTION - This panel uses flame retardant materials to protect you and your equipment. This ETC, FCC, and UL certified power cord includes circuit breaker surge protection, lightning protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection.
  •     ✔ SPACE SAVING - UL Listed 6 Foot Mounts Guard Extension Cord with Right Angle Plug is ideal for hard-to-reach electrical outlets behind a bed or sofa. At the back there are 8 non-slip rubber holes with two keyholes for easy wall mounting.

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