TESSAN Mountable Flat Plug Extension Cord Power Strip
TESSAN Mountable Flat Plug Extension Cord Power Strip

Strip socket with USB, TESSAN flat connector with large gap connector, 3 USB chargers, desktop charging station for home office and sleeping needs

  •     Multiple terminal blocks: 8 AC outlets and 3 USB charging ports can power 11 kinds of electrical devices simultaneously. Can be used as multiple power clips to save space and suitable for power cord for home and office expansion devices
  •     Large AC Distance: The specially designed AC power outlets are wide enough to accommodate large mains outlets without causing any inconvenience. It's ideal for charging multiple devices at the same time, whether it's a desktop power card or a desktop charging station.
  •     Multiple safety protections: Overvoltage protection power board with overcharge protection can prevent overvoltage and fluctuation. A smart circuit with a built-in voltage sensor can detect and react to the power requirements of the device. This reliable circuit breaker will trip automatically to protect your device and bring your device home after it's powered off
  •     Right Angle Flat Plug: The USB surge protector features a 45-degree flat assembly design that easily connects to hard-to-reach electrical outlets such as bed, bedside table, bookcase and other furniture sofas
  •     Wall Mounting: The fixture cover plate with four mounting holes in the back and a 6-foot extension cable can connect the wall power panel securely to various applications such as: workbench, wall mount, floor mount, under counter. etc.

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