Samsung stopped updating the Galaxy S8 after four years
Samsung stopped updating the Galaxy S8 after four years

Even today, Samsung is the best out there when it comes to updating Android, and it emphasizes long-term support as well.

However, everything is limited, as Samsung announced that it has ended support for Android updates for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + phones.

The Korean company's update page shows details of which models are eligible for the update, and the Galaxy S8 series has been discontinued.

Samsung offers an update to the Galaxy S8 every six months. This isn't a huge loss for users, but it is a sign of the end of the device's life.

It's been four years since this series was first launched, and the last update the Galaxy S8 series will be compatible with is the April 2021 security patch.

It should be noted that some models of the Galaxy S8 series still perform as expected, with the Galaxy S8 Lite always being updated every six months while the Galaxy S8 Active is updated every three months.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + phones were launched in April 2017, while the Galaxy S8 Active and Galaxy S8 Lite were released a few months later.

Compared to other phones of the time, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + ushered in the era of bezel-less smartphones by drastically reducing the top and side bezels.

In contrast, the Galaxy S8 was released just six months after the original Google Pixel, with thick bezels on the top and bottom.

These phones are also the first Samsung devices outside the Galaxy Nexus to support on-screen navigation as previous devices included physical navigation buttons.

Over the next two generations, Samsung has committed to increasing the thickness of the fuselage and improving its design features, while the Samsung S8 makes its debut on Samsung's other flagship phones.

At this time, the Galaxy S10 is the oldest Samsung phone to produce monthly security updates. Additionally, the Galaxy S9 phones are also included in the quarterly security update schedule. You may receive the technical update before an additional year. The giant also stopped supporting him.

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