Apple defends itself by saying it doesn't want to be an Android
Apple defends itself by saying it doesn't want to be an Android

Epic Games predicts that iPhone manufacturers will intentionally restrict their customers via App Store rules on the first day of the pioneering experience with Apple.

Epic Games hopes to force Apple to open iPhone app distribution so you can use its payment processor, while avoiding the 30% commission that Apple typically charges for digital products.

This positive step could lead to Epic Games providing its own app store for its iPhone.

Apple argues that it has created the App Store and put in place rules designed to ensure high quality and safe apps.

Apple's lawyers said: Epic Games want us to use Android, but we don't want us to use Android and our customers don't. Want to choose.

The claim made by Epic Games is that the App Store is anti-competitive, and that Apple's discussion of quality and safety is essentially an excuse to banish competitors like Epic Games' Fortnite, which has been introduced in the past. Apple Store last year, but was later canceled. above. Direct payment mechanism.

Lawyers from Apple and Epic Games gave opening remarks, and Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, testified. The process is expected to take three weeks.

In his opening remarks, Apple indicated that its rules helped create a living ecosystem that iPhone developers could benefit from through the 1.8 million apps on the App Store.

Apple said: Epic Games made $ 750 million from the App Store, arguing that the money was only considered by the court. Epic Games has filed a lawsuit and is marketing the use of Apple technology for free.

Apple also stated that Epic Games is targeting the wrong market and cannot display anti-competitive behavior in the gaming marketplace where users can switch from Google to Android, Microsoft to Xbox, or Sony to PlayStation.

Apple also defended its policies, stating that its app review service manually reviews and approves apps and filters harmful apps.

It said that according to her research, iOS accounts for only 2% of malware infections on all computing platforms.

The iPhone manufacturer's attorney said, based on iPhone security data, that it is these guidelines that protect our users and the reason why Android's security stats are so much worse.

Apple quoted Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller): We have taken into account that the iPhone is a mobile phone. So you have to use it as a phone, so we pay great attention to the security of this device. Therefore, it is much more secure and reliable than the computer at this point.

According to Apple, apps like Android cannot therefore be downloaded from the site or installed manually. If Epic Games wins, the iPhone OS will be less secure.

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