Sega plans to bring back the classic games
Sega plans to bring back the classic games

According to the report, Sega plans to bring back several old and popular game franchises after careful consideration, as the company is no stranger to bringing back classic games with nostalgia.

Financial results show that Sega is planning to bring back Crazy Taxi, Jet Radio, and other classic games as they start developing Super Game.

The earnings report was published to celebrate the end of investor relations with SegaSammy this fiscal year and contains many interesting details about the company's future plans.

One of the chipsets examines the use of IP resources in relation to active and passive games and how Sega plans to restructure, renew or restart the old series of games to take advantage of games recognized worldwide.

Several popular old games are mentioned in the IP group, including Crazy Taxi, Jet Radio, NiGHTS, Space Channel 5, Armored Dragoons and Ryze.

At least it appears that the company is interested in promoting active IP games (such as Yakuza, Persona, and Sonic) and marketing some of them.

The letter also referred to Sega's five-year plan to deliver great games.

While the exact meaning of the term is unclear, the company said: It is investing heavily in the project and is planning to start the project in fiscal year 2026.

The company is not only converting existing and active IP games into global brands, but it also hopes to develop a new game that can be expanded globally but not aiming to generate huge profits immediately.

No detailed information has been provided on the genre or genre of the game Sega Studios is producing.

When Sega developed the Super Game, it also mentioned developing a new FPS in a European studio, which may be the multiplayer sci-fi shooter Creative Assembly is working on.

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