Snap announces augmented reality glasses Spectacles
Snap announces augmented reality glasses Spectacles

Snap announced a new version of Spectacles smart glasses that use augmented reality technology. This means you can browse them and see digital things in the real world.

The eyewear is adopting the minimalist black design of the 1960s, which is the company's biggest effort yet to incorporate some stores under construction and custom-designed augmented reality devices.

With the new glasses, users can view computer-generated images that are superimposed on their real-world vision.

Snap Evan CEO and Co-founder Spiegel described "glasses" as the first glasses to introduce AR technology to businesses.

He said: The fourth generation of these glasses can work for 30 minutes each time and have a dual display function of 3D waveguide and a 26.3 degree diagonal field of view, so you can use the immersive lens like nature in an immersive way that you can enjoy. The lower part is placed on the lens. The world is in front of you.

The glasses have high brightness, can be used indoors and outdoors, and are equipped with a built-in microphone, stereo speakers and touch controls. The weight is relatively low at just 134 grams.

The front camera helps the eyeglasses recognize the objects and surfaces you are looking at, so the graphics interact naturally with the world around you. Users can also give voice commands to the device by saying "Hey Snapchat".

The company is providing glasses to content creators through the Snapchat platform, not through the consumers the company has directed the devices to.

The device itself doesn't work like previous versions of emerging augmented reality companies like Magic Leap, but Snap appears to have chosen to sacrifice functionality in order to match the form factor, so it offers fewer bundled devices. Headset from other augmented reality glasses.

Spiegel said: The glasses feature the company's new space engine that uses six degrees of freedom and tracks real digital objects on the ground at hand and on the surface in the physical world. The photon transit time is shifted by 15 ms to achieve a better response. .

Lens Studio also includes glasses so that creators can create custom lenses for the device.

Glasses are offered to a small number of early adopters. So let's hope it's prepackaged with loads of other lenses and personal products.

Snap has always relied on augmented reality, but it remains weak given the size of its competition in this area.

Before the next Facebook smart glasses launch, the glasses had already arrived and the company was working with Ray Ban to make the glasses.

It is expected that these glasses will not have a built-in display, but it does rely heavily on other forms of input.

There have long been rumors that Apple is developing augmented reality glasses and thousands of employees are said to be making them.

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