Sony is integrating Discord chat functionality into the PlayStation platform
Sony is integrating Discord chat functionality into the PlayStation platform

Sony announced that it has partnered with the Discord chat service and will integrate the service with the PlayStation Network early next year.

PlayStation users will soon have another way to communicate with each other.

Sony CEO and Director of Interactive Entertainment said: “At PlayStation, we are always looking for new ways to empower players around the world to socialize, make new friends and communities, and share great experiences and lasting memories.

He added, our goal is to bring Discord and PlayStation experiences to mobile platforms and devices by early next year so that friends, groups and communities can have more fun and connect while playing together.

Details about this content remain scarce, and Sony's announcement simply states the following: The two companies are working hard to connect Discord to your social and gaming experience across the PlayStation Network.

No next news has been announced. Does this mean full access to the Discord app on the PlayStation platform or a limited level of integration like linking PSN and Discord accounts to facilitate chatting with friends outside of the platform?

As part of this new partnership, Sony will be a minority investor in the H.

Discord is one of the largest communities online, especially for gaming enthusiasts. As of December 2020, there were over 140 million active users.

The company is reportedly in talks with Microsoft to acquire it for $ 10 billion earlier this year. However, these negotiations appear to be over and Discord has decided to keep an independent company instead.

The chat service is said to be in talks with other companies like Amazon and Epic Games, but it appears to have completed all of the acquisition negotiations, at least for now.

Discord plans to focus on growing freelance business activities, building a chat platform, and tapping into the rapidly growing user base during the pandemic.

There will be more information on how Sony is integrating Discord with its PlayStation products in the coming months.

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