Twitter makes Spaces available to more people
Twitter makes Spaces available to more people

Twitter announced that it will provide real-time voice chat to more people - its own club version.

According to the company, anyone with 600 or more subscribers can host the sound room, although the company hopes to expand its space.

The company began testing the feature in December and gradually expanded it to include more users.

Although anyone can join and hear the room, few users can start their own chats.

Twitter provides the ability to host storage for any account with 600 or more followers as these accounts may have a good experience hosting live chat based on their current audience.

The company wrote in its blog, "Before we give everyone the opportunity to create a space, we'll focus on learning more so that people can discover the space more easily and help people enjoy it. A room with a large audience."

Additionally, Twitter plans to give some users the opportunity to try out certain regions in the coming months.

The host can set the price to enter his room and the number of tickets offered.

The company said the owner gets most of the revenue from tickets but did not provide any details.

This step will be one of the first (but not the last) rounds of monetizing Twitter for creators on their platform.

The company is also developing a "super tracking" feature that will allow users to pay for access to private content across the platform as well as in-app notifications.

The start of this work by Twitter via Spaces shows the importance of social voice as the company increasingly seeks to compete with the Clubhouse.

The club is still only for guests and has recently introduced a monetization feature.

Facebook has only previewed a lot of audio features recently and now only allows Instagram users to stream audio in real time.

In addition to issuing tickets, Twitter Spaces has also added scheduling and shared hosting functionality.

Both functions are club-like in that multiple people can manage who has the privilege of speaking in a particular room.

The company has also introduced new accessibility features, including the ability to disable and edit comments in Spaces in real time.

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