Subaru is dying for its first electric car, the Solterra
Subaru is dying for its first electric car, the Solterra

Subaru has released teasers for its first electric vehicle, which it calls the Solterra.

In terms of energy, the development of Subaru is slow, and the Japanese company has yet to release a 100% electric vehicle, but that is clearly going to change.

The electric vehicle is expected to arrive in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan in 2022.

They are powered by an electric vehicle platform jointly developed by Subaru and the Japanese automaker Toyota Corporation.

Really exciting, these photos don't show much detail, but they do show that the Solterra EV looks almost like other Subaru SUVs, albeit smaller ones.

There is no information on pricing and specifications, and it is not clear whether Subaru will use the Solterra as an opportunity to refresh the car's interior, like many of the first electric cars of other automakers.

Subaru stated that the name was created using the Latin words for both "sun" and "earth" to express the company's commitment to adding environmentally friendly packaging to the functionality of a traditional SUV.

Solterra is definitely more accepted than the BZ4X, the name of Toyota's first SUV to be adopted via a shared platform with Subaru.

The BZ4X should also hit the market in 2022 and be manufactured via the cross-platform. Toyota is launching the e-TNGA platform and the e-Subaru.

Both companies state that vehicles based on this platform will benefit from Subaru's expertise in manufacturing four-wheel drive systems and Toyota's years of experience developing hybrid vehicle battery technology.

When most other automakers moved, Subaru and Toyota avoided the costly transition to electric cars.

The press release stated that in order to create a new global e-SUBARU platform, Subaru engineers want to combine the brand's four-wheel drive capability with superb driving dynamics and world-class passive safety to build a custom SUV and electric vehicle. Automotive platform.

The result is a technically advanced all-electric SUV, but also a powerful and powerful SUV from Subaru. Solterra has joined the lineup of award-winning Subaru SUVs, including the Outback, Forester, Crostrek and Crosstrek hybrids.

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