YouTube Pays $ 100M for Shorts
YouTube Pays $ 100M for Shorts

YouTube plans to pay $ 100 million over the next year to content producers who are using shorts' competitors to create TikTok videos.

The Google CEO said last month that anyone can watch videos and that short films get more than 6.5 billion views per day.

The Google platform is designed to encourage content producers to constantly choose and publish a new service. This does not provide a built-in way for content producers to make money any other way.

It is not known exactly how much money the creators can make.

YouTube says it will reach out to creators on a monthly basis to find the most engaging and reviewing people.

YouTube claims that thousands of creators can pay per month and anyone who posts short videos is eligible.

The only thing to keep in mind is that their videos must be original content and conform to community guidelines.

The Google-run platform launched short films in the US in March.

The short videos are shown in the YouTube mobile app, and you can switch between the videos in an endless full-screen stream (for example TikTok, Instagram's Reels, or Snapchat's Spotlight).

Other companies took the same approach to encourage content creators to stick to their platforms. TikTok launched a $ 200 million fund for content production in July 2020, and Snapchat paid out daily for a while after launching Spotlight in November 2020.1,000,000.

Payments will be made initially in the US and India, where short films have been released. However, YouTube plans to expand the payment reach as the service launches in more regions.

This is the first step for us to create a long-term monetization model for shorts and shorts. This is a priority for us, it takes a long time to understand, and we are actively researching and collecting feedback from our community. The information will help in developing a long-term plan specifically designed for short films.

There is no specific date for the platform to start making payments. YouTube said: The fund will continue from its creation this year until 2022.

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