Tesla is facing problems due to Elon Musk's statements
Tesla is facing problems due to Elon Musk's statements

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, it appears that the California Department of Cars is actively investigating Tesla because Tesla CEO Elon Musk made bold claims about the company's fully automated driving system (FSD).

The news came about a week ago when Tesla admitted to engineers at the California Automobile Administration that Elon Musk had exaggerated the capabilities of the fully automated driving system via social media.

The fully automated driving system is a $ 10,000 option on Tesla models and promises a lot to do, from changing lanes on the highway to exit to autonomous parking lots to traffic lights and road signs.

However, Tesla Motors remains in a second-level state of independence, according to the director of the Self-Consulting Program for Researchers in Vehicle Management held in California on March 9.

One of the meeting documents states: The driver's response speed for each interaction must be 1 or 2 million miles in order for the driver to switch to a higher level of automation.

Tesla noted that Elon Musk had deduced the promotion rate by talking about a Level 5 autopilot job and that the company had not been able to determine whether the promotion rate could be increased to Level 5 by the end of the calendar year.

Tesla (Tesla) admits that its cars are not completely autonomous through its website, but this fact does not prevent many people from viewing these cars as fully autonomous cars, which has caused many fatal accidents.

California law blames any accident or damage directly behind the wheel.

However, under the Lanham Act (also known as the Trademarks Act of 1946), the California Automobile Administration has the right to fine any automaker who misleads its customers.

These penalties may include suspension or complete revocation of Tesla's autonomous vehicle publishing license, as well as the company's manufacturing and dealer licenses.

For a driver, this cancellation means that if a police officer finds the fire brigade active, he can tow his vehicle off the public highway.

It is the latest in a long line of lawsuits involving Tesla's autonomous driving system.

The company is currently facing hundreds of lawsuits and nearly two dozen investigations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Federal Trade Commission is investigating allegations of fraudulent marketing.

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