TikTok expands integration with external apps
TikTok expands integration with external apps

TikTok expanded its integration with external apps and announced the introduction of two new app developer tools, Login Kit and Sound Kit.

Both groups allow mobile, web, and platform apps to use Tik Tok credentials to authenticate users and create experiences with users' Tik Tok videos, music and audio from their own apps through Tik Tok for sharing.

Developers can request to use the new SDK to add short video app content in multiple places, but they can expose the company and its users to new privacy concerns.

The core functions of the Recording Toolkit are well known, and Snap, Facebook, and Twitter all offer similar integrations to speed up the signup process.

As in the other versions, TikTok said: The login toolkit allows users to log in securely to other apps, but developers can also serve Tik Tok content in those apps, such as: b. Add videos to their account.

Signing in to TikTok also requires an app that you can use to view your public account and videos in order to function properly. However, at this time it cannot be expanded to include other information that the platform may know about you.

Signing in with a different social media account is convenient, but it does introduce some issues.

In particular, Facebook has been criticized for collecting data via Facebook login data.

This method is one of the main sources of information in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The short video platform has also been censored in China due to surveillance features and earlier versions of apps which are within the user's investment domain.

Regarding the connection SDK, the platform said: As with the SDKs on other platforms, the data we can only collect through the connection group is the app name and app-related events across the platform (such as login tracking events and permissions). .

One of the attractive reasons for Tik Tok is the licensing of the music used in the videos. Thanks to the sound suite, the music library can theoretically be expanded without the need to sign new contracts with large music companies on the platform.

With Sound Kit, developers can share audio between their apps and Tik Tok. To achieve audio sharing, developers also need to integrate the calling tool and associated permissions in their apps.

The platform states the following: The shared sound through the audio group is like any other type of audio that is processed on the platform and the audio clips can be private or shared.

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