Twitter adds an option to organize the sound room
Twitter adds an option to organize the sound room

Twitter is expanding its Spaces social podcast in real time by adding scheduling options so that broadcasters can plan upcoming events.

When entering the sound room settings, a new option will appear that you can use to plan for future use.

You can then share the details of your next session through Twitter, direct messages, or other media. There you will receive the unique URL for the planned language area.

As Twitter noted, the host receives two reminders of scheduled events, one 30 minutes before the broadcast time and one when the scheduled broadcast time begins.

Users can also subscribe to the next scheduled audio room reminder by clicking the option to set reminders and receive reminders as soon as the host starts broadcasting.

This option is a useful addition to Spaces, although finding remains the biggest issue with the Spaces experience, and it's an issue in the Clubhouse as well.

If Twitter wants to improve the functionality of social language rooms, it must be ensured that users find the language rooms that interest them the most.

This is important because more and more people start streaming and the quality is rapidly deteriorating, which may cause users to turn off this option.

The planned language space helped with this, as Twitter recently added another discovery option, with a purple stripe around the user's account bubble in the message thread, indicating that the person is in the room or participated in a new fleet.

These new features help improve recognition in smaller ways. In the long run, Facebook's way of adding a language zone to a group and recommending it to members may be a more effective way to use the language area.

With this in mind, Twitter continues to focus more on monetization by adding new options for users to create Paid Spaces events. This provides another way to generate income from your business through the platform.

Twitter is preparing to introduce a "space ticket" feature to show what users can expect when hosting their first paid chat space.

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