Facebook explains the ad review process
Facebook explains the ad review process

Facebook this week released a new preview of its ad review system, which will help you better understand any bugs.

Displaying ads on Facebook apps and services is a hot topic for the company and the platform users.

The new preview is useful for those who still wonder why the Facebook ads review process sometimes takes so long or why Facebook ads are rejected.

Facebook said: Our ad review system is designed to review all ads before they are published. The system relies primarily on automated technology to enforce our advertising policies on the millions of ads shown in our apps.

She added: While our review is largely automated, we still rely on the team to create and train these systems. In some cases, we still have to review ads manually.

Please note that it is almost certain that your ad will be recognized automatically and will not be rejected.

Ideally, people are not involved in the Facebook ad review process. Unless there is an identifiable cause, they are unlikely to show up at all.

The company stated that ad review usually takes 24 hours to complete, but it may take longer and the ad can be reviewed even after the ad is published.

"Unlike the initial review of the ad, we rely more on a team of seasoned reviewers to handle advertisers' review requests," she added. However, we have worked hard to identify ways to increase the level of automation.

If you request or report a review of your ad for any reason, a manual review may be required. However, as Facebook has indicated, there is a growing desire to automate all aspects.

Facebook has also stated: When we introduce a new policy, it may take time for different parts of our enforcement system (be it automation technology or a trained global team) to learn how to properly and consistently implement the new standard, but when that happens do we have new policies for collecting data and feedback, Machine learning models and machine applications have improved.

Additionally, Facebook stressed that all ads must adhere to advertising guidelines and community standards.

Hence, there are different stages in a Facebook ad review and almost all of them are based on full automation.

And if you feel frustrated by the delay or rejection on the Facebook system, this overview can provide more general information about what is happening internally or internally.

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