Twitter buys Scroll to run its next subscription service
Twitter buys Scroll to run its next subscription service

Twitter's subscription service plans started slowly with the announcement of the acquisition of Scroll, a startup that is working with publishers to allow readers to view ad-free content for a $ 5 monthly subscription.

Twitter creates a new type of subscription that includes Scroll and the new Revue newsletter, in addition to other Twitter services.

In a blog post announcing the deal, Scroll CEO said, "One of the reasons he's selling his business is because Twitter's ambitions are greater than you think.

The scrolling service uses third-party cookies or browser extensions to instruct the website not to display ads.

This service is not an ad-blocking tool, but it does send a portion of your subscription fee to the participating sites that you have visited.

After acquiring Twitter, the service will no longer accept new subscriptions, although no last-minute changes are expected from existing customers.

Scroll has a service called Nuzzel that sends daily emails containing the most important messages people share in their Twitter feed.

Twitter announced that over time it will bring the essentials of the Nuzzel service directly to Twitter, which will close on May 6.

It is difficult to define the purposes for which social media platforms may want to use Scroll for, but it is known to create subscription services that bring a group of services together.

When announcing the acquisition, the platform indicated that Scroll could be directly integrated into a larger subscription that could send a small amount of money to the newsletter via Revue.

According to Scroll, more users send money to news sites through subscriptions than they do through subscriptions.

The social platform hopes to leverage its central location in the lives of many journalists and online news enthusiasts.

Twitter said: We want to reinvent existing content to provide a seamless reading experience for our audience and enable publishers to deliver better content, thus generating more revenue than the current business model.

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