Bentley's first electric vehicle was an SUV
Bentley's first electric vehicle was an SUV

According to CEO Adrian Hallmark, when Bentley launches its first fully electric model in the middle of this century, it will be an SUV.

The CEO of Auto magazine said, "If you don't like SUVs, you are everywhere." He added that 2025 is our time.

Given the Bentayga's success, Bentley hopes to capitalize on that success by switching to crossovers or SUVs first.

Hallmark didn't provide much detail about the vehicle but said: Bentley plans to build on Audi's Artemis Project Artemis platform.

In 2020, Audi President Marcus Duismann said the platform will go into operation in early 2024

Hallmark's comments indicate that Bentley will be one of the first brands in the Volkswagen Group to use the platform.

Hallmark said: After our current vehicle platform was completed we had to invest a lot of engineering design, but the difference from the Artemis plan now is that we are here at the start and helped us define the platform. And we're not going to drive it, we're using it.

At the same time, wealthy consumers are expecting more electric cars, some of which are Bentley's product line.

Last year, the company announced that it would launch additional versions for all of its models until 2023. By 2026, all of its cars will be fully electric or hybrid.

We are looking for electricity, Hallmark said. We will maintain a closer synergy with Audi, but we will continue to maintain a close relationship with Audi and Porsche. We believe this is an opportunity, not a risk. We need to find the best way to speed up your entry into the electric vehicle space.

This Artemis platform is expected to feature advanced standalone Level 2 technology and several other improvements will be made to bypass the capabilities of the existing PSA platform that support Taycan and E-Tron. GT.

The 2025 goal still has a long way to go. Until then, the Bentley series is expected to see more parts in the shape of a plug-in hybrid similar to the Bentayga plug-in hybrid before a fully planned electric vehicle redesign in 2030. Electricity.

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